Racist texts shared among SF cops mocking previous scandal in which SF cops shared racist texts


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These officers are completely unconnected with the 14 we saw last year.

Except, yknow, being part of the exact same system.



What does bacon have to do with a story about a few bad eggs?



“We were in the middle of an investigation and we discovered new racist and homophobic text messages that were being used,”

Ok, now actually do something about it!


Don’t hold your breath.


Police are entirely too insulated from the consequences of their actions.

If these fuckwads had been doing pretty much any other job, they’d be summarily fired, then blackballed.


I think me need better data, for all we know they could have shot some of the same people.


I ain’t! I lived and worked in SF for 10 years. The biggest surprise for new arrivals is that SF is not liberal, it’s run by the Old Guard / Old Money, they are stone cold conservatives. That city has an uphill battle to change the culture of hate coming from City Hall.


You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.


Roger that Sir or Madam!



It’s “madam,” I’m female.



Roger That Madam!


It’s just Melz; madam is way too formal.


Nobody should have to undergo surgery by a doctor who uses the “N-word”.

Nobody should have to entrust their lives to a cop who does.

Is there some way to mount a class action lawsuit against the SFPD on behalf of black and/or gay citizens who don’t feel very well protected?

  • these cops need to be fired, no question


The word you are looking for is Systemic


I agree with what you mean, but can you please talk about LGBT rather than gay? Trans people get worse treatment from the police than lesbian/gay/bisexual people and it doesn’t help when they are accidentally made invisible.


Fair enough!

All of the citizens who aren’t straight+white are being poorly served here, but I mentioned those who the article specifically identified as having been belittled and insulted.

Absolutely police on duty must show respect to every human in their charge.