9 California cops arrested in FBI raid targeting police gang, with dozens on leave over the violent, racist, homophobic texts that exposed it

Originally published at: 9 California cops arrested in FBI raid targeting police gang, with dozens on leave over the violent, racist, homophobic texts that exposed it | Boing Boing


So, like, Friday in copville?


Cops even get better mugshots than the rest of us.


Michael Rains, an attorney representing one of the officers arrested, said the raid was “completely unnecessary.”

Rains said the FBI agents, including some from Southern California, used a flash bang and bullhorns during the “forcible arrest” of his client, adding the officer would have surrendered if asked.

Insert goose-related equality statement here.


“Altering and falsifying records of a federal investigation” is probably out of the ordinary, though. It might also be how they got caught.


At least they didn’t get shot in their beds while sleeping.


Good point, so like Good Friday maybe?


Yeah, none of them would have drawn or discharged a weapon, certainly not. /S


I live near the Contra Costa County courthouse and county seat where the DA is based out of so this is going to be pretty big local news. They’ve already had to drop dozens of criminal cases because the cops involved aren’t credible witnesses.

The scandal has already impacted the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s ability to move forward with cases that relied on Antioch police officers. Dozens of cases were dropped in 2022 and 2023 because officers suspected of “moral turpitude” could not be trusted, according to prosecutors.


I hope past cases will be reviewed, too. It’s probably too much to hope their sentences could include additional time for lying to get someone else locked up.


And with that, all of the bad apples are gone. :us: :us: :us:


If only.


I don’t know Pittsburgh, CA but Antioch police are infamously violent. Anti-queer, anti-BLM, anti-media, anti-human:

45 out of 100? not surprised. But still aghast.


Aghast that something was finally done about this? Yep, me too. Now let’s see this repeated a few thousand times.


Are you sure you’re using “aghast” correctly there?


Flabbergasted may be the term sought

Aghast as in “filled with shock?” Yeah, that’s about right.

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I’ve heard of the Antioch gang being just that. Will the feds now go after the gang called the LA Sheriff’s Department?

Years ago, I was excused from serving as a backup juror because I expressed my feelings about cops being credible witnesses. The judge had instructed us that the case will boil down to the cops’ word versus the defendants’ word, and we should consider a ‘spectrum of trust’, where people you trust, like your mom or doctor, on one end and maybe drug dealers on the other. In my oration, I said that I would put not only the police, but also the prosecutors in the room, more on the side of the untrustworthy. Reasons were because if they deal with those kinds of people all day, some of the dirt is bound to rub off on them.

After my little speech (which almost got applause), there was a hushed meeting at the bench with all attorneys and the judge, where my name was whispered so many times! I was the first prospective juror let go. I’ve never been called back for jury duty, after many years. I’m convinced I’m on a never-again list at the DA’s office, but I don’t know how to confirm that.


That would be great but it’s going to be a much bigger challenge.

Antioch had around 100 officers, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has around ten thousand sworn deputies and almost as many unsworn members, comprising a force with a budget of $4 Billion a year. It’s like trying to get rid of the corruption and abuse in a third-world despot’s military.


You forgot the “horror” part of that definition. Aghast indicates you’re both surprised and horrified. @abutilon used it correctly, you did not.