North Carolina cop: "We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them f------ n------"

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Cops are the homicidal ones.

Perhaps the AP Style Guide should recommend to substitute ‘cops’ with ‘murderers’.


Not surprising from an institutional culture that chooses to regard white supremacists like Richard Spencer primarily as “anti-Antifa”.


I wonder how many thousands of cops have said the same thing without anyone knowing. Or worse, knowing but doing nothing. Police brutality and racism aren’t a fluke- the entire system needs to be purged of these monsters before any meaningful change can happen.


“Why are we releasing this information this way and at this time?”

Because there’s a lot of attention focused on the police at this particular moment and they know if it came out any other way it would look even worse. If they’re still this open and responsive a year from now or even six months from now, whenever they feel the heat is off, then I’ll be surprised.


Michael ‘Kevin’ Piner, James ‘Brian’ Gilmore, and Jessie E. Moore II

That reads like the names of serial killers. Racist cop is synonymous.


I bet they think Bill is the hero of the movie…


You could replace every cop in the country who has ever had an unkind thought about anyone, and the problem would still exist because the system is still built and run by people who want it this way. The so-called leaders put together this system because it serves their need to have a force of goons who put the fear of God into the lower classes and because it gives them a perverted thrill to know they can subjugate and terrorize others. The system exists for the main reason Donald Trump got elected - because this country is filled with inhumane garbage who want a system that beats up on other people for them. You want to really do something effective about the system? Vote for candidates who will actually do something about it.


Right. Also… that’s not how nicknames work. Silly racists.


Now is the time to start bugging state reps and senators about transparency and freedom of information laws. Texas has a set of decent freedom of information laws, including review of what can be withheld by a state agency and not the agency that wants to withhold the info. That set of laws came about bc of a huge corruption scandal. If citizens start pushing, taking advantage of the momentum won by BLM, other states could develop similar staturory schemes.

It is often not easy to get info on police in Texas, but you can get a lot of it. Especially about misconduct that resulted in discipline.


Firing them is not enough to prevent them from committing the racist acts of violence they’ve got boners for. I’m thinking some Clockwork Orange-type re-education is in order.

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Saddened? Not “revolted”? “Disgusted”? “Outraged”? Nah. Saddened. He has a sad. I guess at least they were “fired”.


Dudes like these are micro-penis individuals. Racism is small dick energy, not sure “boner” is really applicable in this case.

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Fired, soon to be rehired in the next city over. I’m glad that police chief did something, but I wish it was more than almost nothing.


I lived in Wilmington for almost twenty years. I wish I could say I was more surprised than I am. I can tell you though, that WPD sucks less hard than it used to. So at least there’s that?


This Onion headline isn’t even a fucking joke, it turns out:

These are the kinds of guys who are white supremacist murderers even if they don’t get to be cops.

“Fired” is so insufficient, particularly given that doesn’t necessarily even stop them from getting rehired by the same police force…


If there was ever an example that showed we need a national database of bad cops that should never be cops again, here it is.




That cure is worse than the disease. You just described what the Republican party has been having wet dreams about. You start doing that for cops whose attitudes you don’t like, next thing you’ll be doing it with history teachers and federal regulators whose attitudes you don’t like.

It exists not as one database but a series of them, but in the most perverse, ironic form. Prosecutors keep databases of cops who have been shown to be so… problematic that they’ll never call them to be witnesses in cases. They call it a do-not-call list or a Brady list*. The databases are accessible only to prosecutors, though. So there’s lists of cops that the system fundamentally doesn’t trust to do their jobs, but they’re not only allowed to keep working, despite being manifestly unfit, their very inclusion on the lists serves to protect them.

*A sick reference to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brady v. Maryland decision, that prosecutors have to reveal to the defense any evidence they have that might exonerate the defendant. I.e. the existence of these particular cops on a case serves to exonerate the defendants, and thus they’re kept officially off the case so they don’t have to be disclosed.