North Carolina cop: "We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them f------ n------"

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Firing them doesn’t stop them from committing violence in the future, but it does deprive them of some of the legal protections they would have if they did that on the job. Systemic racism in the justice system goes beyond protecting murderous cops, but removing the explicit legal protections they had as cops is not nothing – as long as they can’t get a job in the next county over. The effectiveness of this is going to strongly depend on whether we can get reforms that prevent officers with a history of misconduct from being rehired.


Snork wasn’t saying racist teachers or cops shouldn’t be fired. They were saying we shouldn’t torture people.

And now - a little Wilmington history:


You’re correct. I removed the comment.

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Yeah, I wasn’t seriously suggesting that be done, I was just trying to emphasize that firing these guys will not stop them from carrying out their genocidal plans. More serious actions need to be taken.


Unfortunately, the solution will be to watch them and then to arrest them. Which has… problems, considering the thin blue line mindset of most LEOs.

I don’t believe that people didn’t know about these guys before this came out.


A system that permits the existence of officers like these cannot be redeemed or reformed.

It must be torn down entirely and replaced with something fundamentally different.


Makes me nostalgic for the old days when TV news was actually pretty good and CBS News was arguably the best. As opposed to the shit show it is now, as demonstrated in the piece here as well as nightly on the Eveneing News.

This study examines ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs from 1983 to 1994 to understand the images associated with crack mothers (i.e., women who used crack or cocaine during pregnancy). Qualitative analysis shows that over time, news framed maternal crack/cocaine use in at least three ways. First, White middle-class women were presented as psychologically addicted, as guilt-ridden for having exposed their babies to cocaine, and as motivated to succeed in treatment. Second, Black poor women were represented as mindlessly addicted, as knowingly having exposed their fetuses to the adversity of crack, and as unwilling to enter treatment. Third, Black poor women were subsequently represented as physically and spiritually depleted, as having regretted prior drug use, and as enthusiastic drug treatment clients, if only to regain custody of their children. Findings are discussed in terms of drugs scares, racial disparity, and the reproductive rights of women.

[edit] and things like this:

there are many ways in which tv news has always been plain bad.

the movie “network” didn’t come from nowhere.


Only in a philosophy class thought experiment. In the real world rules are applied to people based on their job, their age, their ethnicity, their income, etc. Taking a hard line against racist cops is not the same as taking a hard line against progressive history teachers. The idea that a society that does one is also a society that would do another is absurd. The sort of people who would oppress history teachers really don’t care at all whether they are following the rules or breaking precedent by doing so.

It’s a little like saying, “But if I push this person who is trying to stab me, doesn’t that open the door for them to push me back?”

(I realize your comment was specifically in response to Clockwork Orange-esque brainwashing and that if your only point is that we should never commit crimes against humanity then I’m in full agreement, just not because of the if-we-do-it-to-them-they’ll-do-it-to-us thing.


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If you want the police replaced with full on military or para-military. The U.S., in the current iteration, will never allow vigilante reprisals against police, especially if connected with the left. What you’re asking for is a full out militaristic, dystopian, reactionary response from the most powerful empire that has ever existed, and if you ask for it, you’ll get it.

My bad. What I had in mind was the anomalous period of roughly the mid-1960s through Watergate. It was went to crap with St. Ronnie’s election, although it was already heading that way in the late 1970s.

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Thanks. I’ll direct you to my later comment.

I didn’t think a “/s” was really necessary in my original comment, but clearly I was wrong.

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Oh… I was not aware.


“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face. Forever.”
– George Orwell.

We’re not that far from that…

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I bet they use those “nicknames” so that when someone reports that an officer named Brian and his partner Kevin harassed me and beat me up the brass can cover their asses with “we don’t have a Brian or a Kevin on the force.”


The last place I lived in North Carolina before I escaped was Surf City, just a bit north of Wilmington. It’s very much unrecognizable to me now, but that was about 32 years ago. Glad to know the area’s better, but given what I remember, that’s a pretty low bar.

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