White Detroit prosecutor to Baltimore Police on Freddie Gray protestors: “Solution. Simple. Shoot em.”




If she wasn’t bright enough to see that one coming, I question her ability to hold any sort of administrative job.


There is something kinda funny in the fact that she used the word “flipping” instead of the obscene word that begins with “f”, but then still posted a very obscene “solution.”

“Murder”? Acceptable.

“The F word”? Unacceptable.


What is the appropriate response from law enforcement when people are throwing bricks and destroying property? Certainly shooting them is not the answer, but is permitting the lawlessness to continue the only other option?


It says something about our culture that he rational brain thought enough for her to edit her language no no poopy words using “Flipping disgusting” instead, and yet it had no problem with her calling for the slaughter of protestors.


You can almost hear the thought process turning over…
“Well, Facebook is public, and I don’t want trouble at work, so I’d better not drop this f-bomb…”


Mmm - that’s what they did in the 60s. Didn’t really work out so well.


Yup, racism is alive and well in the Metro. ::headdesk::


It´s also what they´re doing regularly anyway and the reason the protests started in the first place.


Working to reduce the level of violence rather than increase it.


Well I’m not a cop, but I’m pretty sure cops have procedures for doing things, and I’m pretty sure there’s a procedure for crowd control, and I’m pretty sure it’s not “shoot 'em.”


This may sound flippant and naive, but the police sitting down with the protesters with a good bon fire and a few hundred strong joints (for both groups to partake) might make for a more constructive conversation than “shoot’em”.

I have never had an argument that wasn’t solved by a good campfire.


“What is the appropriate response from law enforcement when people are throwing bricks and destroying property?”

Stop killing black people.


I agree. The lawlessness committed by police officers that led to the rioting should not be permitted to continue.


That’s a pretty good personality type marker you’ve got there.


You mean, like, LISTEN to them? Empathize with them? Understand what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meant when he said “a riot is the language of the unheard”? You may be on to something there…


I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything other than flippant responses from Boing Boing readers. sigh


Xeni, you wrote: “Remember, assholes who work in positions of power, it’s okay to think bad thoughts, and you won’t lose your job if you make decisions and take actions based on racist ideas–but for goodness sakes, don’t post them on Facebook.”

I disagree - please, post them to Facebook. Then we can kick their flipping asses to the flipping curb.


To be fair, it was a piss poor question to begin with, but then you made it an asked & answered with a question. Poor form given the question you answered your question with.


I believe that’s a penalty of eight yards, correct?