Police response to protests against police brutality with more brutality

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On Sunday, Trump retweeted a message from a conservative commentator encouraging authorities to respond with greater force.

“This isn’t going to stop until the good guys are willing to use overwhelming force against the bad guys,” Buck Sexton wrote in a message amplified by the president.

I don’t think they realized that they’re the baddies quite yet.


“What do we want?”
“Police brutality!”
“When do we want it?”
“All the time!”

Oh, it’s not FOR the cops?
My bad.


Gee, that sure sounds like a guy who wants to fuck everything.


Well, I for one am grateful to the police, for showing a lot of sheltered white people things about “blue lives matter” culture that African-Americans have seen all along.

Seriously, the cops’ knuckleheaded and knee-jerk responses to the peaceful protesters (which distracts them from dealing with looters and with Anarkiddie vandals) are going to open a lot of white people’s eyes (at least after the swelling from the tear gas subsides).



Do as I say not as I do…


I hope that stories like this begin to dominate the news. As usual, the media focuses on fires, property damage, and looting first. Police escalation and violence is presented as a response to that, as though they aren’t causing it.


Sometimes directly. I’d be willing to bet that there are undercover cops in the ranks of the Anarkiddie vandals in multiple cities. After decades of experience with them, the police know that the Black Bloc groups are easy marks for infiltration.

And now Il Douche is taking the opportunity to claim that these Anarkiddies are the core of antifa (instead of the reality of their being entryists into peaceful antifa protests) so he can declare antifa a “terrorist organisation”. The false equivalency crowd of Libertarians and conservatives is already primed to support this move.


Maybe this is why we had to have Trump as President at this time?

He was a catalyst for this storm. Unlike any President before him, he has been enabling the racists to be openly racist his entire term; and before he was elected in his attempts to smear Obama.

He has been enabling the police to be openly violent to anyone they arrest.

He lacks a way with words, so he can’t verbally deescalate the situation, he can only make it worse. Always worse.

Now he’s hiding in a bunker as the storm he helped call down rages around him.

I wonder how much worse it’s going to get?

I’m concerned about what might be going on in DC, now that they seem to be employing cell phone jammers:

Yep. Always worse. Until people no longer listen to his lies anymore, or want to believe them, I see no way out of this. Even if he croaks while in office, or is voted out, I feel like he will continue to serve as a messiah to the racists around us.


I’d play the obligatory Mitchell and Webb clip here, but these fucks don’t have even the dim level of self-awareness that sketch suggests.


Apparently, the hashtag #bunkerboy is trending on twitter now.


“Bunkerbaby” is more like it.


It’s because #BunkerBitch is being blocked from the trending page for being profane


It’s f-ed up. The protests in Boston yesterday were peaceful, until it got dark and kids roamed over towards the high end stores at Downtown Crossing and Copley Sq. and started looting because they could, and maybe because they’d seen it happening in other cities, so “hey, I got mine.” Thanks a lot kids, historically this kind of violence always helps the “law and order crowd.” Way to dull the entire protest.


Don’t forget the zentrumists, who will insist on civility even as they are taken to the death camps.


“Police response to protests against police brutality with more brutality”

I was mulling this all weekend. The police fucked up. Obviously fucked up. Then when the public gets angry about the police fuck up, the police make a conscious decision to fuck up some more.

They are just making it worse and worse. And the dumbass in chief is egging them all on.


Greg Doucette, the NC attorney who helped bring the “Silent Sam” shenanigans to light, is tracking these sorts of incidents on a Twitter thread. At time of writing, it’s up to #95. Starts here:


Whoa, they better be careful what they wish for at this point.

It was a miracle that the Chicago protest didn’t turn out far, far worse on Saturday. They raised the bridges downtown, effectively trapping thousands of protesters in the loop without public transport running, and then announced the curfew was going into effect an hour later. Kettling is some scary shit.


That is a lot of rotten appels…

Man, that thread is not good for your mood…

Worth the watch though, thanks for sharing.