Pittsburgh police chief wants to fire cop who beat up teen


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I guess all the badge numbers in Philadelphia start with 00



Okay, so whose nephew is this ass hat?


Shouldn’t the prosecutor or judge be fired as well, refiling charges after the video is leaked because the video was not presented or was ignored is a big part of this issue.


The prosecutors are seemingly doing the right thing and going after the guy. The judge would seem to be a problem: he’s the father of a former mayor, who had his own goings-on with respect to the police force: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luke_Ravenstahl#Police_Credit_Union_accounts


This is what impunity looks like.


Career Bully finds best system to game! News tonight! And tomorrow night! And the next!


Sounds like they went through the video frame by frame during the trial?
I’m guessing the chief is more concerned with the FBI than with the public. Maybe stay tuned for more revelations?


"We are aware of the incident, and we are reviewing the matter in coordination with the United States Attorney’s Office as well as the District Attorney’s Office,” [FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gregory Heeb told Target 11’s Rick Earle] (http://m.wpxi.com/news/news/local/fbi-reviewing-actions-police-officer-accused-using/nqHqT/#sthash.pdADXEQT.dpuf).

The DOJ should investigate. A lot can happen that way.


If the judge dismissed the charges, how is refiling them not double jeopardy? (I suppose they could have been dismissed “without prejudice,” but in a criminal matter, that’s unusual to say the least.)


Maybe the dismissal happened early in the process.


Forget about equal protection. Cops get arbitration panels while we get courts.

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