City of Miami demands media stop showing photos of 6 officers fired in racist incident


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Nah. Fuck 'em.


Leave their photos up. Miami’s Bravest!


Have they also ordered the public not to look?


Cat’s out of the bag. Deal with it.




Oh. What image? You mean this one?

Good thing i’m not “the media”


Perfect plot for American Vandal season 2?


Why is there a special class of government employee that is forever exempt from having their photo released even after they are fired for cause?


Because Florida?


If a freelance photographer were to take pictures of these six individuals (as a group or one at a time) in a public location where they have no expectation of privacy and offer them to the media to use as part of their press coverage of this news story for cheap or for free (under some permissive license), what could or would the city of Miami do or say? Hypothetically speaking, of course.


I think the public has a right to know the full identities of bad cops.


I agree with that. These guys are firefighters, though. We also have the right to know the identity of bad firefighters. Not sure why the title here says “officers.”

Besides, we all know police officers don’t get fired for stuff like this.




Something something toothpaste back in tubes…


City of Miami can kiss my first amendment grits.


Because during the 1950s and 1960s, white men of power decided that overt racism isn’t as bad as other white men getting publicly recognized for being bad actors.




It totally worked for Beyoncé.


You would not believe the ridiculous loopholes “first responders” get when it comes to law breaking. Most is done by their unions. After a cop that was texting and driving almost killed me I found out that the police union had gotten a rule passed that made it a requirement that all evidence against them be provided to cops accused of any crime before their very first interview on the matter. No citizen gets that. Remember that the next time the “police benevolence association” calls you for a donation.