L.A. woman gets 180 days in jail for phoning 911 over 400 times


They should’ve done something sooner with a lighter sentence. This was, quite literally, a call for help.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me…

Really? Paramedics came out all 400 times?


This lady needs some mental health therapy not jail time.


the article gives her full name, but no reference to the nature of her complaints.

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They have to by law as far as i know…

I’d prefer that BoingBong sticks to eccentric/uplifting/tech topics, not tabloid-like clickbait articles, especially about people with mental issues.


Yeah, I myself was wondering why this was here. This is the sort of rubbish you expect to see in The Enquirer or on Yahoo News.

L.A. is full of crime and sickness, why should BB single out this particular case?


Four hundred is a pretty big number.


It’s also a pointed reminder of the cost of our (and specifically California’s) idiotic (lack of) mental health services.


I think they did it so the call center workers could finally schedule some vacation time.

dammit I clicked like

If i am remembering correctly didn’t Reagan put them on buses?

The city of San Francisco is suing Nevada over a state psychiatric facility that allegedly dumped thousands of poor and homeless patients with mental illnesses onto buses with one-way tickets to states like California and told them to seek medical care there. City attorneys claim that the practice cost San Francisco $500,000 in public funds to house and treat patients who should have been receiving care at the Rawson-Neal psychiatric hospital in Nevada, and that the lawsuit (which officials hope to make a class-action one) is meant to hold the state accountable in addition to reclaiming expenses.


My understanding is that he just dumped them out on the street with bottles of pills. I doubt they even handed out complimentary shopping carts.

I’ve heard the ACLU implicated in that mess as well, but I’m less sure about that.

I think the takeaway here is that you can call 911 up to 400 times with no penalty whatsoever.


Exactly. I feel terrible that this woman was jailed for having a mental issue. Mental health disorders are not something you put a person in jail for. Unfortunately, it’s cruel and usual in the US.

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