Couple called 911 five times to report possums and people jumping out of fridge and microwave

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Wait! We can’t stop here! This is possum country!


So… meth right? Thats meth.

Reminds me of these two:


Wow, a whole batch of the hissy variety – usually there are at least a few sleepy ones. Many years ago my girlfriend’s cat would bring in two baby possums a couple times a week: hissy would stand and hiss at us; sleepy would play possum and just drop – we would just put them back in the yard (where I assume their mom found them because they always seemed healthy)


At least during a mug shot these two get to make the sad realization that they are idiots rather than freezing to death. Makes for better internet entertainment


Drugs are a hell of a drug.


I like possums unless they start to play with my toys.

(from a friend who found a dead mother and a bunch of babies)


Obviously these folks were under the influence and perhaps shouldn’t have reported every hallucination to 911, but what they obviously need is rehab and not criminal charges. Maybe the criminal charges will force the rehab.


I’m guessing there MIGHT have been some drug charges involved as well.

Doesn’t seem like meth; they’d likely have been too paranoid to call 911 if it were. Maybe it’s just some old-fashioned acid! Does anyone drop acid anymore?

The article I linked is people on meth, calling 911 over and over again, as they hallucinate like crazy, while on meth, and then freeze to death. I call meth. Doubling down.

Not sure why the ‘unlawful use of 911’ (unless they just needed a charge to detain them for treatment) It seems that having hallucinations would be a valid medical emergency. Wouldn’t someone that had a minor stroke or some other breakdown have symptoms that might be conveyed as ludicrous or a prank? Shouldn’t the 911 operator take this in consideration? Also why did it take 5 times before an officer was dispatched? They may have been overdosing and not been able to make call 5 because they were dead.


Why can’t I stop laughing?

I stand corrected! (Also I should read the whole article and not just skim!) Seems it was bath salts type stuff…

The deputy said he believed Terry and Fowler were under the influence of “gravel”, also known as flakka, which has effects similar to those of bath salts.

Wonder what’s in ‘gravel’ then. Some (most) of those RCs are fucking nasty. The pyrovalerones are especially awful.

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My brother-in-law has been lost to meth for 10ish years. Back when it wasn’t yet clear what was going on he once called the police twice in an hour and half. The first call was that he heard someone come into the family business (where he was showering while the office was closed) and heard them forcibly kidnap his sister, my wife. She of course was not in Oregon at the time, she was in Seattle. I guess when the arrived he convinced them he had been sleeping and had experienced a very realistic dream that caused him to call 911. So they leave and then about an hour later he calls 911 again saying that someone had broken into my wife’s car (which she was storing at the office parking lot) and set off giant fireworks inside the car. The same cops came back and would have taken him into custody for observation but the parents showed up and talked the cops out of it.

I know it’s fun to laugh at the crazy shit that meth heads do and assume it’s just because they are dumb but my brother in law was very smart. Maybe genius smart. Meth left his intelligence intact but stripped him of his ability to separate reality from fantasy and made him violent and paranoid. Recently a young family friend stopped by to check on him and he burst out of the workshop with a loaded gun. It took the family friend about 20 minutes to convince him that he was not an assassin come to kill him (the whole time with a gun pointed at the friend’s face).

This is a terrible disease that the drug war prevents proper treatment.


That would be why.


Not at all! Meth can keep people from sleeping for days at a time, which is a condition well-known to induce hallucinations in most anybody.

Some might not be aware of the perceptual differences, but most so-called hallucinogens such as LSD are more likely to cause intense visual distortions. So even full hallucinations of things which aren’t there at all still have a distinctly unreal quality. Whereas experiences such as meth hallucinations and delirium tremens are likely to appear completely real to people. So they tend to feel legitimately terrified.

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Those who live in felony drug charge houses shouldn’t throw 911 phone calls.

Calling 911 thanks to drug-induced hallucinations = charges

Calling 911 thanks to non drug-induced hallucinations = no charges

So really the problem isn’t that he called 911. I really hope the charges get dismissed. They probably will - but only if they agree to drug counseling or whatever.