Nightmare park attendant blocks driver, then falsely tells 911 she's being run over

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  1. Did Barney Fife father any children?

  2. I’m sure the dispatcher is not enjoying all that screaming, if it’s not being canceled out in the audio.

Side note: I often catch videos like this on Instagram, posted without context or explanation, days before they get picked up by aggregates like BB. It’s nice to find out background to at least a few of them.


Ugh. I hope that Judine gets some help to sort out her problems.


Judine, Judine, Judine, Judine
I’m begging of you, please don’t stop my van
Judine, Judine, Judine, Judine
Please don’t stop it just because you can

Your false alarm is beyond compare
With no evidence of wrongdoing there
I simply approached the wrong exit there

Your claims are full of hyperbole
Your voice is harsh like winter winds
And I cannot compete with you, Judine


Because, I mean, if you knew you were being recorded doing this nonsense, why would…?


Mike? Hey, that’s me!
Mike to the rescue, and shit.

Asking the same question here that I did with the asshole in the motorcycle race about that guy and republicans…DO THEY NOT REALIZE WE HAVE CAMERAS NOW?

Seriously…she knows she is being recorded and yet doesn’t seem to grasp that it will show the truth?


What was she saying?

I don’t understand what her issue was? You aren’t allowed to leave public parks after you enter them? Must be missing something here. Clearly she’s off the rails, but was there any small thread of truth to why he wasn’t allowed to leave? Like, you can’t ride your jet ski after ‘n’ hour in the park? :thinking:


I’m not a psychologist, she’s not my patient, and I’m not going to try and diagnose her over the Internet. I’ve seen a number of videos with people acting out some fantasy while they know that they’re being recorded.

I have no idea what that is, or if it’s even the same thing in all cases. I still think she needs some help of some kind. That’s some major self-harm right there.


I’m not sure why this is flagged. This definitely could be what lasemike thinks it is? I have two people with bpd in my life and the behaviors they exhibit are sometimes just amazing. It’s really tragic because it’s very hard to convince folks with bpd that there’s anything wrong with them.


It’s just about the hardest thing in life, to watch someone you love suffer, when you know they could be helped, but can’t seem to help themselves.


(above added emphasis mine)
Because as far as they are concerned, there IS nothing wrong with them.
It is everyone ELSE that is the problem.
(this applies to NPD as well).

While I don’t think it is proper to diagnose this woman’s issues, she does appear to have some authoritarian / control issues going on.


Why is there now a Boing Boing Store pop up that floats over the text of every story I try to read? Is it just Safari or just me or…?



That is what borderline personality disorder looks like. Pretty unpleasant.

jtiiiBBS Commander


I’m not sure why this is flagged.

Sometimes BPD may look like this. Often it looks like people suffering without causing harm to others. Maybe lasermike’s comment was flagged because not all mentally ill people are out to mess with other people &/or break the law with fake 911 calls. Many of us BPD people end up just messing with ourselves, very painfully.


It was because they were arm chair diagnosing mental illness, associating it with someone acting like an asshole. Mental illness is not associated with being an asshole, and doing so only serves to stigmatize people who suffer with various forms of mental illness.


Well, what about Trump?

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Him included. We’ve been over this issue, time and again, because people kept associating racism, sexism, and other such social behaviors as mental illness, which both lets the individual off the hook and stigmatizes people who really struggle with their mental health. Go check out the discussion on that in the moderation thread, where it was explicitly stated.


BB has been a mess on Safari for the last week or two… Chrome works ok and I haven’t fired up FF to test, but the flood of intrusive can’t scroll over it, can’t scroll around it, can’t get rid of it advertising is most annoying.

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Many parks have a use fee which must be paid, per vehicle, upon entry. It’s entirely plausible (even if unreasonable) she saw a vehicle enter w/o paying and attempt to exit.


That was some bizarre shit.