Men's rights meltdown at McDonalds


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Canada man goes on racist rant over parking space for his truck
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It’s like Canada’s been infected by America’s crazy virus.


That shit is contagious; sorry.


English Canadians vastly prefer American media to their own, so it was bound to happen.


If you want to be respected, you have to do something respectable.


It sounded just like a Kids in the Hall sketch. “Call the Cawps!”


This is the same guy who seemed to think that an argument could be “won” in your first year philosophy class discussion in college if he was just more and more emphatic about his use of language the longer the discussion went on.


How many speeches from the Republican Convention are going to get posted here, anyway?


This guy is like the “chicken tendies” meme come to life.

Or Reddit given human form.

It’s kind of disturbing that fully grown person could have this kind of emotionally unhinged reaction to something as simple as a menu item being out of stock.


I don’t know what else the guy has going on in his life to react like this, but I can see something like that causing a bit of a meltdown if there’s a load of other stuff going on in his head. I’ll be charitable if that is the case, sometimes a tiny setback can be just the straw.

Or… he could just be an entitled and abusive dickhead. I’m leaning towards that one.




Wow. Some folks should only drink when they’re sober.


He sounds charming.


Couldn’t watch more than a few seconds. What an arsehole. (Was the clip filmed with a potato? Looks like it was filmed with a potato.)


Swipe right…


Y’know, he just really reminded me of this…


So… If I’m not mistaken, the McDonald’s in question is a particular 24-hour establishment which is somewhat notorious as a site for late-night shenanigans, possibly due to its proximity to several local homeless missions. Case in point: the first page of Google hits for [mcdonalds on rideau ottawa] includes Rideau Street collapses under weight of bathroom lineup for Byward Market McDonalds*, a whole Reddit thread, and another charming video:

So, really, I suspect this man could have easily gone off on an insane rant about just about anything from saucer people to Muslims to who-knows-what-else, and it wouldn’t have been at all newsworthy.

*This is from Canada’s equivalent of The Onion, though the sinkhole is a real thing.



I hated the guy filming this so much, not more than the proto-humanoid smug about his red pill, but the running commentary was awful while his friends seemed cool.