This is a Crazy-Ass Local City Council Meeting Rant of Supreme Excellence


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Post that was very unfair & wrong

I’ve got some photos from that Burning Man meetup on Tatooine that say different.



I feel like I might be missing out on a teensy bit of context here.


Mental illness. Looks like paranoia with perhaps a touch of Truman Show delusion. Some word salad, too.


“Anyone else wishing to speak at open mike?” That seemed like the only moment of supreme excellence. The rest of it was just highly uncomfortable.


Being involved with small-town government, we occasionally get folks like this women who rant until their time is up. I can’t ascribe any of your remote diagnosis to the people in my town, but I know they’re angry, and they want to be heard, not just tolerated for 3 minutes of open-mic time.

If you actually listen to the germ in the middle of that rant, she may have had a legit complaint about a cement company at one point, but they may have either ignored it or dismissed her, and now she’s spun up beyond control.



Does anybody have a copy of that book?


It kinda sounded like something happened to her father in law because of the concrete company. But there sure were a lot of inside comments that made it virtually unintelligible.


Our city council meetings in Spokane also have a great cast of performance artists - my favorite is George McGrath - Here’s a taste -


Better to be missing a teensy bit of context than a teensy bit of cortex.


As the son of a bipolar woman, I can totally see my mom over there.
You will never make fun of someone o a wheelchair, but mental illness is a bitch. It is hard to see the brain as just another body part.


So I dunno, if you keep listening, she starts to make more and more sense, and the core of her complaint can be ferreted out, which is city corruption regarding a concrete company and how it’s both destroying a neighborhood and providing substandard infrastructure for the place.


Wow… How sad for her.
Hope she gets some help cos it looks like she need’s some


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Did you see me in a book?
It’s not a porn book either, is it, Cindy?
I made a lot of money - in a book.
And guess what, my dad called it dental floss.
And guess what I did with it?
I put it away - for something like this.

Brian Eno should make a second volume of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.


Yeah, I think she may be an over the top public speaker, and I have noooo idea if her complaints have merit, but I am the last person to condemn her.


That’s the thing with mental illness. She may have a legitimate complaint, but no one will listen to her because it’s surrounded by word salad. Which might frustrate her more, making her more agitated, and encouraging more symptomatic behavior. I’m just pointing out symptoms, not diagnosing, but clearly she might need some help. At least she speaks of a few people highly, which might show a sign that there are people trying to help her. I hope so, anyway. Things like this – I can’t help watching them, and they make me sad.


Some closeups of the City Council members during her rant would have been nice. I’m imagining some slack jawed looks and at least one guy rolling his eyes and pulling a flask out of his jacket.