Texas releases full dashcam video of Sandra Bland's arrest

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How can cops be so consistently so fucking stupid?


Just curious - if this woman hadn’t ended up dead in a jail, what would be your reaction after watching this video?

Fuck I hate cops


How can cops be so consistently so fucking stupid evil?



That it’s a bunch of racist, murderous thugs assaulting a woman for a power trip to uphold their white supremacist bullshit.

The takeaway isn’t “be polite to cops”, it’s “you should be afraid of cops, because they are racist, power tripping assholes who seek to kill and harm as many people as they can get away with.”


But you see, fear of others is ultimately what causes most problems in this world, including racism.

We need to reduce and eliminate fear of others, not promote it.

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So you’re suggesting people SHOULDN’T be afraid of roaming gangs of white supremacist mass-murderers who are known for doing things like harboring child molesters in their ranks and raping women and getting away with it, and instead… what?

The only way to “eliminate our fear of others” when it comes to cops is to eliminate those cops. Maybe if the cops stopped acting like inhumane monsters, people wouldn’t be afraid of them.


That’s right. If you carry fear in your heart then you have let those people control you.

Also, people who are afraid are easily manipulated by the forces of power and authority.

Be brave and be prepared, but choose not to fear, or else you will be a captive to it.


That was fucking terrible.


My understanding of Japan is that the police were heavily reformed after World War II after a long period of operating with relative impunity. As I understand it (from having looked into this topic a while back, but I’ve never lived there, so please take this with a grain of salt) police rarely look for reasons to ticket people, and they consider their primary cultural role to be one of service. They’re supposed to be able to give directions and assistance.

Also, they are culturally disinclined to produce or use their firearms, and instead hand-to-hand combat and grappling techniques are emphasized to the point where police competitions are part of sports coverage. That isn’t to say the police are amazing and wonderful and can do no wrong. Japan also has a conviction rate north of 99%, if I recall correctly. And foreigners may get different treatment. But people in Japan seem to place a lot of trust in police. That’s my understanding, again, from having read up on the subject- anyone with better knowledge can feel free to correct me.


I’ve actually spent some months in Japan, but generally had very few interactions with police. Anecdotally, I have heard that there is some racial profiling that goes on with business travelers and college-aged kids. Like as not, that’s probably more xenophobia (which the culture is famous for).

The country overall has a very strong notion of social contract, so it doesn’t surprise me that this extends to the police force.

I really wish we could get a little more social contract in U.S. culture, if for no other reason than to get people to stop throwing shit on the ground, and dumping garbage on the roadsides because they can’t be bothered to buy a garbage sticker. We have a beautiful country, but nobody seems to feel much ownership for it, despite living here.

(Insert crying Native American here)


I don’t think the ‘failure to signal’ is at doubt. She basically admits to that at the traffic stop in the dash cam video.

It looks like he was looking for ways to get offended by her, and she provided opportunities. She did actually comply with his unreasonable demands, and he did miss some important procedural steps, such as telling her she was under arrest before trying to drag her out of the car.

He appears to have had it out for her from the get go, and her verbal lashing didn’t help her case any.


If only European Jews of the 30’s and 40’s had given the Gestapo a chance they may have been friends.


That’s why I left it there. I really didn’t want to repeat the rest of his or her drivel.

I shall not be indulging in victim blaming…


How about the fact that the cop immediately lied about what happened while reporting to someone at 30.45? He claimed he wanted her out of the car so he didn’t have to stand in the road. Note his car is parked further out from the curb exactly to give him that coverage from traffic.

He was actually Italian. Just saying everything you think is true may not be. Relevant to the topic.

The police officer could have just given her the ticket and sent her on her way.


Not relevant to my posts; I wasn’t passing judgement on this woman, or blaming her for her treatment.

(A conclusion one does not have to read very carefully to come to)

So it turns out the video is really obviously edited - super obviously so if you actually watch it (but who wants to sit through an hour long video? I know I didn’t). So unless there’s some kind of dashcam that loops frames in such a terrible way, these police officers have now proven beyond all doubt they’re willing to lie and alter video records in order to cover up crimes.

So, basically, there is absolutely zero reasonable doubt that they’re murderers.