Triple shooting streamed on Facebook Live, just days after Philando Castile gun death


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It strikes me as odd that people live stream themselves doing nothing. I guess it is an extension of things like selfies and posting your lunch on to Instagram. I suppose that, maybe, the injured people expected something to happen and wanted to have secure footage of it.


This would’ve never happened had they been armed.


Facebook allows snuff films but not boobies. Got it.

America, you are fucked. up.


the people at Law and Order are scrambling to come up with an episode about this


It probably won’t strike you as odd after this.


Everybody good, you good.”

Um, no.


they weren’t doing nothing, they were smoking weed. some people like to show off.


Based on my thorough knowledge of the experiences of gunshot victims garnered from reliable sources like action and drama movies, being in denial about the extent of injuries or the possibility of dying is paramount to either surviving the wounds or keeping morale up while the victim is dying.

Seriously though, it seems like denial/pretending a positive attitude is probably a common coping reaction to such a tragedy.

And no, we still can’t talk about gun control, so don’t bother asking… :confused:


Yeah, where was the good guy with a gun?


Now’s not the time…it’s too soon…


The right time to talk about gun control is like microwaving butter:


This is not the future I was expecting.
Humans ruin everything!


we can only talk about gun control once there are no more issues with guns, otherwise we’d just be rushing to judgment.

we can talk about microwaving butter anytime. there are no issues with butter.


My guess is that they were encouraging the others to not move or cry out so that the attackers would assume they were dead instead of finishing the job. Keeping calm about a serious attack also reduces trauma compared to flailing around, screaming, increased heart rate and respiration, etc. Not that I could honestly blame anybody for freaking out that they were shot.


Referenced in Prodigy’s Fat of the Land album in the liner notes. Unfortunately, I don’t see a full scan readily available.

We have no butter,
But I ask you
Would you rather have butter or guns?
Shall we import lard or steel?
Let me tell you
Prepardness makes us powerful,
Butter merely makes us fat?


The superhero version of myself in a comic book universe would totally replace guns with sticks of butter.


Pretty surreal video. I hope they catch the persons who did this.


Horrible thought entered into my mind: When do you think the first live stream by a mass shooter is going to go up?


Shortly after someone voices the idea.