Triple shooting streamed on Facebook Live, just days after Philando Castile gun death

I can’t have been the first… I will never stop screaming.

PS. I live in Finland and I have no guns and no permit to buy guns and I was in siviilipalvelus so I have no military training.


I can’t relike your post, but, “siviilipalvelus” sounds like an excellent alternative to military training; plus it sounds hilarious when pronounced to an English ear.

I am from the UK and do not own any guns. We don’t have universal conscription over here, so I also have no military training (though I was a Boy Scout :smiley: ). We are fortunate enough not to share a long land boarder with the former CCCP, so civil defence isn’t such a massive deal over here.

Don’t you have rebellious Scots to crush?


Are there any betting odds on whether the person who posted the video will be charged with obstruction of justice, assaulting a police officer, or something?

I need to go pitch this as film. Remake 15 min. as a Found footage/live stream film. Let’s make the bad guys as Mexicans or middle eastern for maximum xenophobia and or racism. Let’s stick a bunch of gun porn and a heroic militia that takes them down in the end to get that extremist right wing scum base. Of course I lack the skill of Paul Verhoeven to make sure that the satire works because otherwise well it would be horrible.

Waaayyyyy off topic, but we have a <a href=“"target=”_blank">thread for that.

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That Facebook caption is unfortunate.

TJ Willams
was live.
July 12 at 3:03pm

It always struck me as odd that people wanted to hang out with other people in person.


Good point. It is a lot safer down here in the bunker.


Probably telling them to remain calm, stay still, etc because that’s what should be done when someone’s been injured. If that town is anything like north St. Louis no one was freaking out because this stuff happens every day.

I actually love the idea of this as a way to “serve your country” without the addition of “by learning how to kill people” part.

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Thanks to the rapid rate of shootings occurring, it can now perpetually remain too soon


Choices were defence force, civil service, Jehovah’s witnesses, running away to a country they won’t extradite to Finland, being mentally ill or invalid and going to prison.

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So did they get leads on suspects yet? Was it a random shooting? Mistaken identity? Or someone who knew one or more of them to get them for what ever reason?

No update yet on the City of Norfolk site. (There’s a link in the main article.)

Yeah I checked there, wasn’t sure if it was picked up by a larger source, though.

Theresa May is doing that single-handedly over the weekend, according to the news, so that should be sorted out nicely by monday… 0_o

maybe not a mass shooting, but it’s already happened. nsfw.

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