Dashcam video shows killing of Philando Castile

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Was gonna write something. But that’s the only reaction I have.

FUCK! It didn’t have to go down like that. The officer had every opportunity to make it not go down like that.


Unconscionable the officer was acquitted, but I can’t say I’m surprised any more. Black lives do not matter.


Taking another pass at this.

I don’t see murder like a lot of commentators, but I do see manslaughter. Criminal fucking incompetence.

Jesus fuck. At least they fucking fired the guy before he kills someone else. And he may have (not unlike how Mr. Zimmerman has come close a few times since his killing).


Considering his face and name are now plastered across the internet, how does this not end Yanez’s career in the police? I would think the contempt of a fed-up public and the possibilty of retaliation would interfere with his ability to do his job.

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I’m appalled by Yanez’s actions. I’m also angry. Castile didn’t have to die the way he did…


If your white, powerful, or wealthy there are no consequences. More so for any combination of the above.

This world is terrible and cruel and all the people in power don’t care.


See? Perjury works.


And I also want to point out, this situation would have been greatly improved if neither one of the people were carrying a gun.


"Are all officers good?

All officers are good."


unfortunately the population of fired police officers is considered as a recruitment pool by many other police departments.


It seems to me if someone tells you they have a firearm, they are doing so in order to alert you to that fact, not use it against you. I guess the lesson here is, “What they don’t know, won’t hurt them (or you).” and is why my friend Vince wouldn’t volunteer that information.

I don’t know if this was lack of training or what. I kind of believe he was in some fear for his life, but at the same time, should he have been?

I am also not sure how the jury came away with not guilty, or at the very least a hung jury.


That’s what we old folks like to call “Murder”.

I wonder if that is now applicable as common law? Like, if you wanted to lie under oath, you could just file this case in support of it.


So here is the point. He is the officer pulling over the citizen. He was in control. As soon as philando stated he had a permit if he felt threatened in any way The officer should have said “sir. Hands up. Exit the vehicle slowly. Do not take anything out.” Escorted him and her to the back of the vehicle. Hands on the trunk. Then slowly stepped back and stated “I am going to search your vehicle now.” reached in and gotten the permit and weapon.

Then once things were in order. Given it back and sent him on his way unharmed.

The cop had control. It was his duty to maintain that control and exercise proper authority. He should have been found guilty of incompetence at the very least let alone manslaughter.


The defence suggested that Mr. Castile was attempting “suicide by cop.” And the jury decided that sounded reasonable to them.




You’ll have to explain that to me.

I seriously don’t understand how a jury found him not guilty. This seems lake a pretty straightforward case. If you can shoot people the second you start to get nervous, I can be a cop. No training required. I can lose my shit naturally.

Does anyone know if the dash cam video was shown to the jury?


It’s a person

flipping over a table

I saw someone say somewhere else that they did. A commenter, that is, not a reporter, so take that with a grain.