Geraldo scolds Orlando victims: "For God's sakes, fight back!"


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Geraldo’s not worth my energy.


Christ what an asshole!


Yeah, this whole “good guy with a gun” thing doesn’t really seem to be working out for the right, does it…

It is all well and good to sit there in your house and say how you’d take down the bad guy because you have a gun… a whole other thing to be so brave when you’re thrown into a situation where a mad man wants to kill as many people as possible.


In the…interests of empiricism… perhaps we should give Geraldo the opportunity to be a big 'ol hero against contemporary small arms. I somehow doubt that his punditing skills would be of much use against the combination of shock and combat efficiency.

Even with selective fire options gimped, the AR-15 is very good at what it it’s designed to do.


Anyone in a room with Geraldo should take his advice, assume he’s a terrorist threat to rational thought, and immediately charge and pummel him.


Perhaps we should remind the folks at home what it is designed to do…


It’s not even clear that the shooter DID reload. An AR-15 fitted with a high capacity magazine can fire up to 100 rounds without reloading.


So, basically, Rivera believes that the U.S. is now a battlefield in the fight against Daesh. That is, he believes exactly what Daesh wants him and other Americans to believe.

There is no word in the English language sufficient to describe this level of weakness. I pity him. Almost.


Geraldo “scolds” Orlando victims: “For God’s sakes, fight back!”


Geraldo doesn’t even take his own advice when it comes to surviving gun violence. Remember when he blamed Trayvon Martin’s death on the hoodie he was wearing?


he’s apparently not even that good against chair violence.


Can’t Geraldo just fuck off and go truffling for more of Al Capone’s vaults?


A few weeks ago we got an active gunman flyer on our desks at work. The advice is pragmatic. GTFO, Hide in place, and as a last resort fight back cause your life depends on it. Yeah Geraldo is a tool, and hindsight is 20/20 (See what I did there?) To say so after the fact is shitty, but it is the advice given for those situation. It’s a shitty world.


Is it this? Because to me it sounds like he’s acting as an agent of Daesh, by using his media platform to advocate for their position. I mean, if he is a supporter of Daesh, then this is exactly what he would do.


Fighting back in a dark loud nightclub … most people did not have that option or anything close to it, I’m guessing. This was real life, jackass, not some fucking movie.


That first part is more than sufficient.


I disagree. It makes no rednecks penis’ any bigger than they were before.


That’s a lot of deer.


I do not believe in violence, and I hate racist skin heads, but this makes me happily reflect on that time a skin head on his talk show busted his nose.