Apple investigated by CBC news for overpriced repair charges


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Wait. A big corporate tech company overcharges it’s customers?!? NEWSFLASH!!! /s


My shock is that the Apple gadgets can even be repaired, totally shocked.


well. except for replacing the screen anyway. Which at that price might as well buy a new phone.


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Watch out for splinters.



Let’s not normalize this or numb people to it. Maybe it can be addressed with public awareness and pressure.


Welcome to boingboing…


AKA, the "good old days,’ if Apple gets their way. And they will. Because we are in the worst timeline and it’s fucking Apple.


I’ve oft wondered how to tell whether there’s a better timeline than the one I’m in. I have this sneaking suspicion that the current timeline is the only one where I’ve managed to survive this far along. How disturbing is that?


I find myself thinking the same thing, like Jet Li’s The One… only as my other me’s get croaked, I don’t get any stronger.

I especially think it when I do something stupid and narrowly avoid death:

“Whoops, almost choked to death on a cracker! That’s another me gone. Now what fresh hell is going to happen in this timeline? That fucker Kavanaugh got approved? GODDAMMIT! Pass me the crackers.”


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