Apple iOS source code leaked to Github

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If I had to guess, this might be somehow connected to that Israeli firm the feds hired to get into a terrorist’s phone.


Seriously, we’re still discussing this in terms of the security risk it poses? Almost every bit of software i run can be found on github. I see that as a good thing.


Source code (for IOS 9) from 2015, leaked in late 2017 to Reddit. Becomes clickbait news in 2018 when someone notices it posted to Github.

Somehow I doubt this is much of a deal - Apple, which you can be sure watches the jailbreak community a lot harder than the staff at Motherboard, has had over 4 months to go through any old code from the leak that is still live in ios 11.

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This isn’t a problem for Linux

Nice job defaming a whole country on hearsay…

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