Apple prototypes hit eBay


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The best I can claim to have is a NEXTCube and monitor. Nothing as wondrous as these!


I think that PM 9700 was the computer I was waiting for. Instead they went to the G3. :cry:


A bit steep. I’m still trying to save up enough to afford a Lisa. That’s a hot machine.


Apparently, it was planned as either G3 or double PPC 604e.


Ooooh. Double 604es.

Take that, Daystar!


I have a prototype Mac 2 somewhere, it didn’t come in plastic, there wasn’t any yet, it was a cardboard xerox paper box, I wonder what it’s worth? (I think I still have that original box)


Ooooh! Daystar, Sonnet, memories long buried resurface :slight_smile:


I thought the 620 was supposed to be the hot new chip of that era…


I kind of miss transparent cases, even if I never did get any of those shiny iMacs or such. They should bring those back.

That’s a pretty great best! (I had to sell my slab last summer. I’m a bit saddened by this, but I really needed the money.)


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