What's the strangest Mac that Apple ever sold?

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Didn’t they just come out with one with, like, 4 hamburger patties? Probably that one.


Mac Portable (1989) was a great machine! It always saddened me that the Portable was far snapper than the Mac PowerPC 6100 of 1993. But then again, just about every Mac was faster than the 6100, including the IIc and the SE/30, both older Motorola 680*0 architecture.

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Just like me!


My first was a Strawberry iMac G3. Apple has been my abusive relationship partner ever since.

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That blue laptop is cool!

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the macintosh tv was an odd one


Oooh, I just got a new laptop from work and I ordered the MacBook Air in the “Midnight” color way, assuming it was black. It is nearly black, but actually appears dark navy blue in the right light. So pretty!

The original iBook with all those curves and translucent shell was unlike anything else I’d ever seen, and there’s been nothing half as radical since.

And I keep forgetting how bonkers the original iMac was with its Luxo-like design.

There’s so many oddball ones to choose from, where to begin?

The 20th Anniversary Mac was definitely a weird one:

When this came out in 1997, it cost about as much as a small car and very few bought it. It’s now a much sought after collector’s item.

The Macintosh XL was basically a Lisa case with a Mac 512 stuffed into it.

There’s been quite a few licensed Mac clones over the years, all which are weird either because of odd industrial design or because they look like bland beige PC boxes running Mac OS.


The Power Mac G3 All-in-One is just offensively bad industrial design and I don’t know what they were thinking with that one with its weird translucent top case and bulbousness. It was nicknamed “The Molar” for a reason. It’s like someone took a look at the Color Classic and said “hold my beer”.

This is the Color Classic by the way:

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the 20th anniversary Mac is my pick. just so bizarre.

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