Apple shows off M4 chip and new iPads

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I Like Apple’s hardware. I am on the Macbook Air M2, and it’s been a great machine for a reasonable price. The ecosystem is pissing me off though, as I forgot my password and have been in account recovery hell for a week and they make all of it as confusing as shit to fix. Wouldn’t really be a big deal except that being able to really use your computer is contingent on one’s account. Not really a fan at the moment.

My wife was having a small emergency overseas and was trying to reach me on Whatsapp. But Whatsapp wouldn’t run until updating, and couldn’t update because account fubarred. Sorry I know this post is about the new M4 and iPads, but they tie it all together so at the moment I just have to say it ain’t fucking worth it.


The point about workflows is a good one. I spent a few weeks earlier this year with my (older) iPad Pro as my only computer. It’s really optimized for consuming content, not creating it. Any kind of creation that involves more than using one app slams you straight into the guardrails, and getting stuff done is a process of laboriously figuring out workarounds for the roadblocks that the OS puts in your way. The guiding rule of iPadOS seems to be that simple tasks should be simple and complex tasks should be impossible. When you read that a new iPad is “the most Mac-like ever”, don’t be fooled: it may have the same processor and even a keyboard, but the experience is very different.


I was really hoping they’d announce an upgraded version of the Apple TV 4K. I was holding off buying one in the hopes that the rumored new version was going to drop today rather than in the fall (or later).


This. I have found that tablets and phones are designed for consuming content, which is why I find them (almost) unusable. The especially frustrating part is when companies create apps and offer no browser/web option, a trend that seems to on the (rapid) increase.


Two side by side works with some but not all apps (Apple added a bunch of new stuff that is optional for apps to implement that let them live side by side with one other app, and with some small variations in a window). I got a lot of mileage out of a pdf editor side by side with the notes app for a garden todo list and map.

On the other hand a lot of apps don’t support it, and having done the work for a modestly complex app 5 or so years ago yeah it is a whole lot of work for something most users are not clamoring for. So I can see why most apps don’t support it. It was a minor bullet on our feature list and the actual work was more then a lot of the major features…

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