New Apple gadgets: iPhone 6S, ginormous iPad Pro, gamier Apple TV

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I wonder if Apple will get dinged for charging extra for the stylus and keyboard?


"If you see a stylus, they blew it.” -Steve Jobs, 2010


16gb iPhone shooting 4k gets you… 7 seconds of video. Or something.

Fine, I made that up.
Still, it’s 2015. My first iPhone had 16gb, and that was YEARS ago.


16GB is ridiculous. Dear Apple, 16GB is ridiculous. What were you thinking?

Is that giant iPad the Wacom Cintiq competition us art/design nerds have been waiting for since forever? I want one.


That was the first thing that popped into my head…
Next year they will be extolling the superiority of their resistive touch screens.

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Apple TV was supposed to be a compelling solution to cable or a compelling add-on to those who already have cut cable. It seems like it is just a voice enabled way to buy the shows you watch through Apple store. No integration with big cable networks and their lineup. No solution to the fact that it should solve the problem of snatching the free network TV 1080p signals that pulse through most of our homes. No DVR capability. No way to “let it ride” and let the TV just do it’s thing in the background while you cook and clean as it goes from one episode of whatever (Law & Order in my case) to another.

What is it? Apps and games and a way to squeeze more money out of me than cable used to, not less. I’ll be sticking with over the air tv, Hulu, HBONow, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime movies (all of which work just fine through the existing old-ass XBOX which hasn’t had a game played on it in months). I’ll also be researching the next release of Fire Stick and Roku.

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Well, sure, but he also thought no one would want a mini ipad.

So then if you had 128Gb, you could have a whole minute?


On a more serious note, I’d be curious exactly how much 4K any of these things can hold. Much of that depends on the bitrate they record at (and the codec), but still: the files will be huginormous.

That’s a real word.

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The last thing an iPhone needed was to be thinner. Make it as thick as needs be to not have the camera lens sticking out, and use the volume for more battery life. Now I’d pay for that.


It isn’t a stylus… it is a “pencil” :wink:


I hate that they’ve been sucked into the “moar video resomolution!” nonsense. For the love of Pete - people are not recording cinematic masterpieces on their phones, 1080p is plenty. The average person does not currently, nor will they any time soon, have a 4k+ compatible display to even VIEW these videos on… And even if they do have one, unless it’s a giant 4K computer monitor, chances are pretty good that they aren’t set up to view it at viewing distances where the human eye can even detect the difference between 1080p and 4K any way. God dammit, Apple, now you’re going to have all the idiots thinking they need 4K 55" TVs, that they sit 10-15 feet away from.

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That’s the problem here… there is nothing revolutionary here to compel someone to ditch their existing setups (chromecast, roku, tivo, whatever) and buy an Apple TV. They needed this stuff before these other services came out.

That being said, being a software developer at a large content creation company, being able to provide (i.e. sell) content on an Apple device is important…

Or a giant phone, or a color screen ipod, etc. etc. Apple going from “X is stupid” to “presenting, the best ever X” is well documented. I guess things change in technology markets, who knew?

In the case stylus quote, I believe at the time he meant that if you needed a (at-the-time-common capacitive, kind of crappy really) stylus to be able to interface with a product then it simply wasn’t intuitive enough to be considered good.

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Like many mac users, I’ve got a 27 inch 5k display. It’s pretty cool.

I also have a pitiful by comparison “full HD” display to the side in case I want to run more apps at once.

I’ve heard it said that if you want to use your phone in a VR headset like contraption, you absolutely need a 4k phone.

Such a compelling use case.

There’s something about writing instruments that seems natural for a computer but never works out so well and I think part of the reason that’s the case is how long the latency can be with a stylus (I’ve had issues using any Wacom tablet as they seem to feel out of sync with what I’m drawing versus a pen/pencil/marker). If Apple or anyone can fix that problem then I can easily see the stylus becoming more popular and common than the mouse for PCs. All that’s needed is a fast enough interface and a decent API for application development. I think the rest will fall into place.

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Which is one of the use cases I mentioned as the only usable situations for 4K (or higher) resolution. I still contend that your average user (your everyday schmoes buying the new iPhone) isn’t in that use case scenario. Giant 4K+ computer monitors are a bit pricey, still, and hell - how many people even have desktop PCs in the consumer space anymore? I think I know of one person, maybe two, that still has one out of all my family and friends.

That’s the single use case for a 4K phone display… Not so much an argument for having 4K video recording on your phone though.

I still want a smaller iphone. I’ll be getting a free iphone 5s as my next upgrade.

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Perhaps I am a special case. I’ve got cerebral palsy, and while I can understand the appeal of a computer that can be moved around constantly, it has ended in tears several times for me. I drop things. So a desktop is the sensible alternative. Given that portability is no longer a serious concern for me-- I do have an ipad, in a proper case, for that-- the really large screen and the faster processor for a lower price aspect of the imac appealed to me.

Do you do all your serious computing work in a coffee shop or something?