iMac Pro starts at $5000


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Funny had the exact same thoughts. I currently have the Late 2014 Retina model. Apple Care is until December. Usually I flip after 2 years - sell the old one, buy the new model. I stayed my hand waiting for the iMac Pro but 5000$ is a bit much for my taste.


“iMac Amateur”

I LOL’ed. I think you won the internet today.


I very quickly went from “Oh nice! Looks like this is my next computer!” to “NOPE!” in the space of just a few moments when they announced the price. I have a hard time believing that the Pro model is FIVE TIMES BETTER than the non-pro model.


Welcome to the Xeon tax. Intel is very proud of their xeon chips, even when they are essentially the same as a regular i7 with ecc RAM, and they charge a hefty premium for them.

If you spec out an identical dell xeon workstation with an identical 5k pro-quality monitor, i’ll bet you will find the imac pro is actually cost competitive.


Just you wait until the actual Mac Pro comes out at the $7000 price tier. I suspect that the real reason people like these tower PCs is that they can build their machines around a graphics card, and if the means using a overclocked i3, so be it.

But Apple makes you pay multiple times to get the part that makes it all worthwhile. Want an i7? Get the top tier, and then pay twice intel’s price for the privilege, sucker.

I recall getting a powermac g4 because it was priced the same as an iMac, but had so much more potential. ( I could have gotten a powermac g5 refurbed, but for some stupid reason, didn’t leap at the chance)


Yeah, my response is: Welp, looks like I’m done with Apple.


The iMac “amateur” does all what one needs, why would you spend 5000$?


Six posts in and I’ve already filled my bingo card!


That’s actually for the plebian 6 or 8 core model. The one that really induces nerdlust-- the one with 18 cores, will probably cost more. a lot more.


The $5000 price point does make sense in one respect: they’re aiming this at developers, touting its ability to build VR apps and make use of its 18 cores. So the folks buying this aren’t ‘prosumers’ looking for a powerful PC. They’re startups and software development companies buying them for their employees.


starups who haven’t yet learned the value of a dollar?


I had a 17" matte screen macbook pro for almost 6 years I sold it for 700 dollars that I put towards an $2200 iMac that’s now getting close to two years old. 5 grand for an all in one? I dunno if I’m getting old and not keeping my mental economics up to date with inflation but damn that’s expensive. If it holds value I guess whatever. Recently I needed a laptop for work and just spent 700 bucks on a windows machine that works well enough. I guess I’m saying that price point confuses me… but yeah somehow it probably makes sense. Though I’d be more comfortable buying something that could be updated/repaired easily for that kind of cash.


and the i9 x series just got announced and will make this obsolete.


Oh, I am pretty sure that some people have the need for a 18 cores machine, that is not the point. The point is that the “amateur” imac does all what most people need. Complaining about the price of the “pro” mac is like complaining about the price of 18 wheelers when you buy a car. Some people need a 18 wheeler ( and they aren’t cheap), but most people only need a basic sedan.


Any thoughts about the GPU choices? Radeon Pro 580 - crap or decent?

Edit: Oh shiny … apparently there is now a wireless extended keyboard


Agree that is crazy expensive, but for perspective we should probably keep in mind that the original Macintosh 128K retailed for $2,495 in 1984 (equivalent to around $6000 in 2017 dollars).


For me, it’s the L3 cache and ECC RAM that makes the big difference. Stability under heavy load is the hallmark of the Xeon line. If you do CAD design, 4K video, or 3D rendering you’ll love ECC RAM and the extra L3 cache.


apple is dead to me.


For those that want more power but the form factor of the iMac.

I am really disappointed. My 2010 iMac has run its lifespan and I am really in need of a replacement, but this is too much. I don’t need the best processor, but I do want a top line GPU or at least the option to upgrade it!

I feel Apple has really embraced this culture of disposable electronics here and its sickening. I do not want to get anything windows based.