$70 Hackintosh matches MacBook Pro

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But how will people know to be envious if it doesn’t have a biblical fruit emblem to prove you spent way to much money? /s

Snark aside, that’s really cool, and also proves my snarky point.


This is some Pirate Cinema shit right here.


There is no real reason why a big desktop computer needs to have a noisy fan. It can have several large, quiet fans.
Personally I’ve tended to use desktop replacement laptops for work - ones with “proper” I7s and graphics - because the built in UPS can be a life saver. It’s a market that doesn’t interest Apple, though. Something that needs a 160W power brick is never going to have a long battery life.


Desktop vs laptop isn’t really a fair fight but it’s worth pointing out you can build a PC/Hackintosh equivalent in spec to a Mac Pro for half the price.

As an aside, does anyone else find it slightly nauseating how many Apple products are conveniently located prominently in shot in every TV drama these days?

…and the bad guys aren’t allowed to use Apple products.


Not a huge fan.


I own several MacBooks and I have a Hackintosh at home. It is useful for offline processing – I use to be a musician and every so often I still get work doing some scoring…lots and lots of tracks with processing, and it can overload my machines. So I drop the final product onto the Hack and it does it without thinking.

That said, my new MacBook Touch…jeezus is it fast. And more importantly the USB-C has enough throughput that I never have to worry about disk access time (which is the most important to me). It just works. Other than the fact that the Hack is set up to go and has nothing on it except Logic / Kontakt and the Adobe suite…it makes the perfect machine.

Apple products are beautifully designed, but run an operating system I HATE HATE HATE. It’s a decent *NIX system ruined with a fisher-price WIMP interface that gets in my way constantly. I appreciate that other people feel differently about it, but the standard use-cases they’ve streamlined don’t really apply to me so everything is an annoyance.

The only reason to buy apple is liking / needing the OS. The physical machines are no better than any other premium laptop and are stupidly underpowered for the price.


Matches a MacBook Pro? Hmm, I don’t know, what’s the battery life on the Hack machine again? Seems a little heavier, too.


so the summary is:

  • desktops are more powerful than laptops
  • you can build something cheaply if you already have half the parts and luck out on getting the rest at a super discount
  • used stuff is cheaper than new stuff

What OS do you prefer? Just curious.

To some extent OSes seem a bit like music in that personal taste dictates what you’ll like.

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except for those of us who ya know…don’t want to build a car, we just want to pick one out and drive it off the lot.

I don’t want to build a damn computer, I just want to use it. Open box, plug in computer, hit power button, and away I go.

So you can snark at Mac users like me as spending too much…but I’ve only bought two computers in the last 16 years. My G5 tower in 2001, and its replacement my 27in iMac in 2010. And all I have ever done to either of them is add more RAM.


Jeez, this. I’m forced to use one of the macpro trashcans at work, and good god, I miss cuda cores and a properly flexible UI.


I’m a developer and prefer Linux over most everything else. I can configure it how I like it, has a proper scripting / gnu toolchain, I get proper error messages, no effort has been made to actively hide complex systems beneath too-simple abstractions and my multiple desktops don’t get rearranged for NO FUCKING REASON based on the last time I looked at them.

That said, I have to use windows at work due to security requirements and with windows 10 even that is better than Cupertino’s efforts.


Do you suppose the $70 price tag included the monitor and all the other peripherals, too?

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Late 2016 Razer Blade here. I got CUDA cores on my laptop. I can actually use them under a linux environment. IT’S ACE!


1:28 --> requisite hackintosh dust bunnies that do all the work.


To me this is the equivalent of a party trick, especially the bit about repairing a SSD. After all the best i have is a laptop with a busted screen and a ten year old desktop running a ‘better than nothing’ graphics card.

I ain’t gonna be able to upgrade to anything remotely this good on any sort of budget because I’m gonna have to buy everything.

Also I live rural so the local goodwill has maybe a pentium 3 at best kicking around.


I mean, $70! I got my $1000 Mac for $0 because someone gave it to me - how come everyone doesn’t do that? /s


Bro, I totally get it. From the standpoint of ‘just works’ Mac’s pretty solid and in an atractive package. It’s not for me, but that’s the best thing about computers.

I suspect a lot of the mac-hate stems from the 'apple v ‘pc’ commercials where the hipster douchbag mac is pretty well making fun of anything not a mac.That or jobs being a shitty human being while cultivating this cult of personality thing where rabid fanboys routinely kiss his ass while insisting Jobs is saintly genius as they ignore everything Wozniak and others did, or the fact that Jobs killed everything not-mac at apple because at the time he was head of the mac department and wanted effective control of as much as possible, ergo… kill off the competition (which included the venerable apple II line, which made apple their fortune in the first place all while the original mac and lisa and the apple III were commercial failures.)