Consumer Reports does not recommend the new Mac Book Pro


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This is why I’m sticking with my Compaq Portable. It’s not no issues with battery life since it requires a cord.


Meh, people shouldn’t be buying anything from that tax dodging, slavery supporting, scumbag of a company anyway.


But it looks so purdy, and comes in a box that’s satisfying to open.


The difference in performance between Safari and Chrome is the smoking gun, surely? Battery life all over the shop with Safari, but consistently high with Chrome? I don’t see this as reason to condemn the laptop.


Time for Cook to go. Apple has lost focus.


I know, right? Bring back Steve Jobs already!


Cook, Jobs, whoever. Someone or some thing needs to inspire a big chunk of Apple employees to care more about their work. I don’t care if it’s fear, pride, inspiration … whatever. iOS is my personal biggest gripe, but it’s clear that every product except phones is suffering from a lack of smart, careful, and good work.


Steve Jobs is a myth. If there are things you can take away from Jobs influence on Apple it’s that products should be simple and clean. Products should be easy to understand and unsurprising. Products should be extremely visually appealing. Yeah, then there is a the ruthless internal politics, firing people on a whim, and psychotic adherence the to boss’s bullshit but we can all avoid that.


Umm, whoosh? :stuck_out_tongue:
(But yes, agreed on all points.)


Naw, I know he’s … unavailable. But I swear some days that his corpse would be better than whatever body is motivating them these days.


They have been moving away from"Just works" and towards “useless buggy features” for years now. The only problem is that anything that even resembles a serious operating system beats dealing with windows. I see a real niche opening up for consumer-oriented linux boxes with nice hardware and good hardware-software integration.


Wouldn’t that Be nice?


Tell me about that cool wooden cabinet


It’s Trump’s fault!!
(Can we start blaming him for everything yet or do we have to Jan 20th?)


So did Google and they’ve been working on it for years, starting with the CR-48. Lenovo are bringing out a small laptop with a 360 degree hinge which I believe is coming in Android and Chrome variants as well as Windows. And then there’s Android phones and tablets.
When people talk about “Linux” they tend to mean something running a Gnome or KDE flavour, XCFE etc., but Android and Chrome are just not-all-free Linux distros with different repo systems, intermediation layers and UIs.
Admittedly they are subtly getting end users used to repos to the extent that Microsoft has had to copy them, but I really don’t think “consumer-oriented” and explicitly “Linux” distros like Mint or even Ubuntu are ever likely to go together, any more than Joe Bloggs is going to want to run an Azure-based backend.


“Thanks Trump” doesn’t really work like “Thanks Obama” did. Maybe “Thanks Donald”?


Donny, you’re out of your element.

Or, of course,

Shut the fuck up, Donny.


Ooh, “Thanks Donny” hadn’t occurred to me. I like it! :slight_smile:


I don’t necessarily mean “Linux” here. More like “Serious OS underneath, that can use shell natively, with a consumer-friendly UI over it, to which software written for *nix systems is easily ported.” OSX used to fit that bill perfectly. Android is not geared towards a device being completely controlled by its owner, and I also personally really don’t like Java, which might have something to do with my animosity towards it. Not really sure about Chrome OS, but I don’t think there’s any inherent reason that something like Ubuntu couldn’t be as user-friendly as OSX.