iMac Pro starts at $5000

I should get it. I hear there’s a Mac version in the works for any piece of software I actually need. Just 18 months away!


Yeah, this is a massive tempest in a teapot. The entire iMac line got a pretty substantial spec boost with the vast majority of units that will actually ship falling under the $1500 mark. This is an entirely new workstation intended to act as an all-in-one solution for true power users, like realtime 3D graphics rendering. The only thing it’s got that the others don’t is the cool “space gray” tinting. Any other machine with comparable specs would easily be just as expensive without a 5k monitor.


Roughly equivalent to the Nvidia 1060 according to the folks at The Verge.

The 580 is only in the top-of-the-line “iMac Amateur” as we’ve taken to calling it, which will set you back a cool $2300.

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It’s beyond ridiculous. I’m not sure what one has to be doing where that price/performance ratio makes sense.

I didn’t mean to denigrate what the Xeon has to offer, just to say that the reason mac pro systems are so expensive is because they are Xeon based, and to say that Intel charges a huge tax for the few things that distinguish low core count Xeons from regular I7 chips.

People take Apple’s greed as a matter of faith, but the truth is that when it comes to xeon based macs, they have been very close to par with same specced xeon PCs from Dell ever since 2006.

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Rendering films
Batch processing RAW photos at super hi-res
Game graphic construction
Loads more

The same people who have always used the “pro” level macs. Pixar, Unreal, all of those people making the tiny little hairs on that superhero sway in the breeze realistically.

I work in an industry where $10,000 pumps are not unheard of. Freaking pumps!


Oh I wish it were so … the price on the other side of the pond is 2599€ (=2925$) :cry:

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Get a Franklin, they are more ecomomical!


That’s largely because it’s bleeding edge.

Will it make economic sense in December?
What about in June of next year?
And six months after that?

In a six months to a year, you’ll be able to put together a comparable spec for half the price. It might be uglier. It might not run macosx, but it will make more sense.

Um, Making one’s living on one’s computer using software that gobbles up as many cores as you can throw at it? Realtime 4k video editing, 3d rendering, VR game creation, and the like?

eta: @cannibalpeas beat me to it.


The high school I went to when I was in sixth grade had those.

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So Chappers and The Captain addressed this for guitars…

There is absolutely in all things a point of diminishing returns. And I will be interested in seeing what the set up is at $5000 vs what jacks up the price after that point. It may be the primary cost of 5k is really the best bits and the “more” is just more hdd space or ram and such. I always buy those particular things after market because Apple has a ridiculous up charge on those.

You obviously don’t understand the concept of measuring one’s prowess by the speed of one’s computer. There are a lot of nerds who buy a far faster machine than they need because of spec fetishism. And those nerds are very upset that Apple does not make a machine they want to own that they can afford anymore.

Gotta love sticker shock at the “Starting ad” low end price.

Pixar haven’t used Macs for animation in years, not sure that there’s any big studio that does. there’s just no way to justify the cost.
High end Macs tend to be used for video editing.


You send your renders to a render farm of cheaper commodity hardware. A rack of cheap computanium so to speak.


Sigh. The high end ‘amateur’ iMac still exists, and got a decent bump today as well. Y’all know there’s some models in between the low end 21 inch iMac and the Pro model right? right?


Doesn’t change that they still lack modular components. I’d like to buy something that I can replace the graphics card in.

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Welcome to the cost of Xeons and workstation graphics. Ugh.

Thankfully the non-pro iMacs look amazing too.