Apple Store employees fired after accusations of snooping on customers' devices for sexual selfies and sharing them

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Aside from even the privacy issues Apple pushing for cloud backup, wipe, restore would allow for better integrity of data. Last time I had an apple device repaired the store “lost” my hard drive, after not assuring me that the repair was going to be done in shop (it wasn’t) and refusing to allow me to backup the device.

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I used to work for Verizon Wireless and it seemed like every store had a creep with a hard drive full of stolen nudes. It’s unfortunate, but you should assume a tech can and will view anything on your device. I always asked for permission before opening a customer’s camera app or photo gallery and still ran across plenty of X-rated pics.

Then, there were the customers who would say their phone was broken, then hand it to me with a dick pic on the screen. Internet age flashers.


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Alternatives to this would include asking customers to back up their devices to Apple’s cloud servers (which are accessible to fewer, better-vetted technicians) and wipe them – even better would be to use end-to-end encryption in cloud backups, so that customers’ data would be private except in the case of bad passwords, malware, or defects in the software.

This ignores the exceptionally common case of people going to a Genius Bar for basic tech support - everything from transferring data from their old phone onto their new one to how to use mail.

Never mind that answering the question of “this app crashes” with “let’s backup your phone, wipe it, reinstall and restore” is a horrible customer experience, may not actually fix anything, wipes any logs which would help diagnose the actual problem and still requires them to unlock their phone anyway.

I’d argue that the same problem could be solved by Apple better monitoring their employees.


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