Chinese Apple employees and contractors sold users' private data for as little as $1.50

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Perhaps if they were paid more than a $1 an hour they’d have been more inclined to tow the company line…

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But how do you control a workforce that is not desperate? Bourgeois rainbows and unicorns?


And in other news, dog bites man. Water is wet. Daytime is brighter than night, and other surprises.

If you don’t want it falling into “enemy” hands, don’t let it out of your own, or at the very least encrypt it by mechanisms and keys that you control. It really is that simple.

This is part of the reason why toys like the Nest thermostat leave me totally cold. After “Plays for Sure,” after Barnes and Noble selling us “e-books” which turn out to be nothing but a license to read them online from B&N servers (until, like “Plays for Sure,” they stop supporting them) etc. you’d think people just might start to figure out that depending on having your thermostat (or your pacemaker) dependent on some server in Myanmar is possibly, just possibly, less than brilliant.


Roger That!

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In my experience all it takes is a carefully monitored la croix supply in the office fridge.


I think you mean ‘toe.’

But Corey’s quote from the article contradicts his own headline.[quote=“TFA, post:1, topic:102435”]
but it was unclear whether they were directly employed by the company or by Apple suppliers or vendors

But why not embellish when you can, because Apple. And of course, the ubiquitous Iphone.

I think Corey would be considered a performance artist, and not a journalist.

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That’s why Trump got elected, after all. He’s so rich that’s he’s incorruptible.

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Maybe don’t build giant pools of data about people?

Nah that would never work…

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