Apple takes bite of you


Interesting. And yet if Apple just ceased to exist tomorrow, I don’t think the global economic repercussion would be that great. I mean everything they make there is an alternative out there. No one would be unable to find another phone, mp3 player, etc. No one will starve if they can’t acquire an Apple product.

Conversely if half of Russia just shut down, I think the global repercussions would be great. Maybe not too bad in the US (how much do we import?) But many of those Russian companies are making necessities for millions of Russians. And Russia does export to many other countries. So someone could starve or not get medicine they need etc.

Sort of a warped way of looking at things - what is “most valued” isn’t what is necessarily “most important”.


Apple fans always insist that capitalisation is synonymous with value.

Imagine you own a house. Now imagine you went around telling people “Whatever my accountant says my investment in this house is, is exactly what I’d be paid if I sold out today!” Does this sound like a valid claim to you? If so, please come buy my house. It’s worth a million dollars! <Dr. Evil giggle>


Apple fans are weird.

Putting too much reverence into a corporate brand is weird in general. It’s an indication of what processes and materials they may be using in manufacturing, and pieces of schematics that they use in designs (so a service manual to a similar model to what you have could have useful hints about e.g. input protection circuitry or power supply subsystems), but that can also differ by product lines (due to different companies/contractors or cost cutting) so it is also not always reliable.

And even the generalities change. There were days when Sony was a good, reliable brand.

Now all that remains is for Apple to forcibly invade another country…

People’s Republic of Apple?


I suspect that there are a couple of factors at play:

One, the Russian stock market trades at a nontrivial risk discount, even compared to some rather rough developing markets. Putin’s recognition that the oligarchy is one of the major potential threats to the state, and his fairly effective crushing of it(one loses count of how many of his wealthy opponents are either jailed on tax charges or hiding out in expensive bits of London at this point) makes investors pretty jumpy.

Two, stock values don’t tend to be a reflection of ‘how big a hole it would leave if this company disappeared’; but of some combination of ‘how much money can this company make filling its niche’ and ‘investor insanity’.

Boring, necessary, bread-and-butter-and-structural-steel-and-sulfuric-acid companies would leave a hell of a hole; but are also commodity producers with a tendency to modest rates of profit on earnings.

Apple, by contrast, is pretty much wholly unnecessary; but has shown an amazing ability to turn pretty standard x86 and ARM computer parts into high margin, high desirability, products. Aside from a few OSX-specific applications, there’d be nothing but grumbling if everyone suddenly had to switch; but Apple’s stock price reflects the fact that they(along with MS and Intel) are practically the only people making money when personal computers are sold, not their irreplaceability.


So disappointed after clicking through. Thought this was going to be about a small-a apple… maybe one of those flawless, exquisitely packaged and presented pieces of fruit sold in Japan to be given as obligatory ceremonial gifts. :smile:


This headline needs a preface:

In post-Soviet Russia, Apple takes bite of you!

At least the part of the oligarchy that he does not control.


We will iBury you!

(ugh, that was terrible!)

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