As ruble value plummets, Apple halts online sales in Russia


Well at first I was concerned about their corrupt and influential oligarchy and then I was worried about the over-reaching and jingoistic military only to feel rapt consternation about the state of their economy but this!

Holy crap if we pull their Apple products from them we might start World War 3.

Edit: Indictment of nascent consumerism!

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clearly, the best Star Trek episode was The Rubble with the Rubles.


Was that the crossover episode with Scooby-Doo? Loved that one.


In Soviet Russia apple product buys you

First the Polish apples brouhaha, and now this? The fruit must be cursed…

Wonder if the ruble dropped low enough that folks were buying Apple products in Russia for resale in markets with stronger currency.


Now I wish that, despite being two different studios, that they’d done a Star Trek: The Animated Series and Scooby-Doo crossover. Somehow. The great thing about the latter is, hell, continuity, what’s that? Bring on the Three Stooges androids!

Or just buying them for themselves, If apple cannot keep track of inflation then they are selling them too cheap in russia, plus by the time they convert the rubles into dollars they could effectively be selling them below cost.

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