Apple to occupy Battersea Power Station, legendary London brownfield site


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Apple's London headquarters to be housed at Battersea Power Station

Not to mention a performance space/ballroom on the lower levels!


And yet magically this headquarters won’t generate any taxable income.


Between that and the Tate Modern nee Bankside Power Station, London sure has some pretty ex-electrical power plants.


Just sharing because if you don’t think Dogs is one of the best Pink Floyd songs ever, we can’t be friends.


Can’t we make it the new Tower of London as per Ian McKellan’s “Richard III”?


It’s been hard enough to get this plan moving forward, don’t try to change horses midstream, no matter if you have traded your kingdom for it.


Only three of the towers belched smoke, the fourth is just for decoration.


Everything I can find about Battersea fails to mention that one chimney was not used.

So, if that’s referring to what I think it refers to, I think your joke sank.


“Only three chimneys were required because there were only three boilers underneath. The fourth chimney was added purely for decoration and, probably more importantly, to provide an even weight distribution for the building. Because it is built on clay, a symmetrical shape will provide an even pressure across the foundations”


Huh. I stand corrected. Thanks for the information!


Just what we need, another tax haven in the Commonwealth.


So will Apple bring back the Pig? Pigs and Apples have a long history together, y’know


Actually, they are consolidating a bunch of offices. I think that means fewer tax havens.


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