Apple update unbricks phones disabled by Error 53

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We apologize for any inconvenience, this was designed to be a factory test and was not intended to affect customers.

Are we sure this came from Apple? I can’t recall seeing a comma splice from them before. Sloppy.


How many more tries does this give the FBI to brute force that terrorists work phone?


This is exactly the kind of secure enclave firmware update the FBI has been suing them for.

I don’t have a conspiracy theory to posit about this, but it does show how easily Apply could comply with the order and that they do, in fact, do that sort of thing in the course of normal business (not that they should…).

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t, huh?


He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother


I smiled when I read this, got all of my receipts in order, work authorizations, case numbers, then got on Apple’s website, then had a “nice” AppleCare Chat. After describing my issue that I had(received error 53, then apple refused service, then i purchased a replacement iphone(shortened version)), I learned that I do not qualify. My screen/button had been replaced. Here’s a portion of the transcript.

That information is partly true about reimbursements. In the full context, and what you’re reading about, it’s people that paid for a like model replacement through Apple to have it replaced. Devices that had no damages which would deem it out of warranty and irreparable. I have reviewed the cases and it seems that’s why Apple wasn’t able to replace it back then, and we had a Senior Advisor offer to try and escalate to see if it could be fixed or not.

You purchased a Phone through Verizon, that isn’t quite the same as an out of warranty replacement through Apple or its service providers of the same like model.

Looks like I’m still out of luck for any replacement or reimbursement. Even though it was four months ago, it feels like the wound was just reopened. Sigh.


So they got the big happy announcement blurb out for the world to see, and then quietly “clarified” it to most of the people actually affected. BoingBoing should update the article with this comment.


Maybe I’m missing something, but how do you update a bricked phone? Doesn’t bricked mean it won’t even boot?


I’ve got the full transcript if they’re interested…

put it in DFU mode, restore from the mac/pc when it’s connected.

connect it to your computer and iTunes can work on it.

What if your “bricked” phone is also encrypted?

How could you unlock it to allow this update?!?

I never knew that was called a comma splice! It’s my current grammar pet hate :frowning:

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rob… boingboing posted on ‘fight errorism’
I have a dead link and search does not produce …just saying


joe mornin was on ‘this week in law’ talking about podcast title
lawyers in latex

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