Apple Bye Bye

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I think any iPhone 6 owner whose handset has been bricked after an ‘unofficial’ repair and system update will be heartily agreeing with you.


I agree 100% with this rant. Haven’t upgraded OS in a few years on my 4 year old iPhone or Macbook, and it’s starting to be a problem. Will probably have to switch to Linux at this rate, as Windows is in a footrace with Apple to become as worse as possible.

I wonder if that Cook guy even cares that he’s running the evil empire?


Maybe he gets his paycheck every week so that he doesn’t have much time to really start thinking about it…


I came up with a work-around that allows me to get on with my life: I change the Mac Air’s screen resolution.

Or you could have used the icon sizing feature in the Finder that’s been there for at least the last NINE years, if not longer. (Finder -> View -> Show View Options…") Searching for “Change icon size osx” will yield page after page of instructions, including a web page from 2007.

If your lead argument against Apple is something that can be disproven with one search, then the rest of your argument won’t be worth my time. Good day, sir and / or madam.


Uh. You’re angry because you’re intimidated by an OS update which can do everything you’re looking for it to do, but that you didn’t bother trying to figure out?

Yes, let’s never improve or update our operating systems. Windows 95 and OS9 worked great, why upgrade? BIG BROTHER!! HYPERBOLE!


Some shit doesn’t deserve to be posted to Boing Boing, and I think this qualifies. This was an incredibly boring rant. It was poorly written, and honestly comes across as a bit ‘insane’ and/or ‘melodramatic’. Dial down the crazy.


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a newer laptop model that runs Linux* out of the box well?

It’s getting time to replace my aging MBP, and the design and technology direction Apple has taken with El Capitan hurts my eyes (and my design aesthetic feelings)

*that would be GNU/Linux, not Ubuntu.


no. please re-read more carefully next time.

iphone4 is basically unusable now, because all new apps require OS8, which cannot be installed on iphone4.

iphone4 is perfectly good hardware - in fact very little improvement has been made since iphone4 (blah blah better camera blah blah retina blah blah), and there’s no reason it couldn’t support much of the current app ecosystem, nor any reason that legacy versions of apps should not be availalbe. No reason besides Apple’s bottom line.


Hate Apple for reasons (real or imagined) if you like, but the OS hasn’t changed in the ways being described by the author here, so this is a bit puzzling. The default font sizes haven’t changed, and the stroke widths aren’t appreciably different in the newer fonts.


When we lost Jobs, Jony Ive was left unchecked and I believe the Apple we see today is a result of that.

Steve was all about usability and there are some elements of iOS7 that Steve would never have let out of the door and that are still present in iOS9.


I know it’s popular to shout “NOOB” in these situations. I’ve done it before. But there seems to be greater than normal dissatisfaction with Apple updates lately.

I have a podcast partner who writes for a living. When he installed the latest OSX update, he was left finding half of the tools he uses for writing and podcasting were unusable, without suitable replacement apps. He would give his right arm to rollback. Sadly, it’s not an option (Apple would actually want cash, not body parts). His productivity has dive-bombed since the update.

I think Jasmin is on to something here. There used to be an attitude that giving customers flexibility in defining their computing experience would widen the customer base. Now, everyone’s ON the platform, so suck up all their money and screw them. If they don’t like it, what are they going to do, get a Windows PC? Learn Linux? And it’s not just Apple; Microsoft showed this trait when monkeying with the Start button in WIndows 8 and 10 (It’s gone! OK< we’ll give it back, but ONLY if you update!).

There’s an attitude in big Tech that the old adage “The customer is always right” isn’t needed if you hire enough UX designers. The marketplace is going to challenge that, I suspect.


you could still use the iphone 4 as it shipped. you have no reason to have an expectation that hardware will be supported indefinitely. the iphone 4 is 6 years old. get over it.

ah yes, the old ‘steve jobs never would have’ bit. i love it, it can never be proven wrong.


this whole rant boils down to “whaa, i’m old, and i don’t like change. why can’t everyone cater to me? this newfangled stuff is newfangled, and i don’t understand it.”

this post got 11 likes before it was removed because people whined about it. people are whiners.


Not all apps require OS8. That is incorrect.

Yes, iPhone 4 is “good hardware”, but it’s also six years old and no longer supported by the software. An upgrade to iPhone 5 is very inexpensive and a huge improvement over your old hardware.


I have an iPod touch 4 with the same problem. No, I do not expect the hardware to be supported forever with new apps. All I want is to be able to buy the old iOS6 versions to which Apple has slammed shut the window.


The criticism leveled in this article at, I think, El Capitan don’t make a lick of sense. I am myself quite annoyed at Apple for some of the shit it’s pulling with Mac OS X, but this sounds more like someone’s grandpa angry because his new TV has the on button in a different place. I recently upgraded to El Capitan, and my day-to-day work is no different. There’s a new security feature that requires me to do a little something to run some apps that Apple hasn’t blessed, and the font is different. If no one had kvetched about that, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Now, I do get super pissed that Apple killed off LAN sharing in iPhoto. And then replaced it with another app. And I’m sure people who were using Aperture are really pissed. But, all in all, Mac OS X is still better for me than Linux. And I’m typing this on Ubuntu right now, on my office computer. Anyway, yeah, Apple is sucking in some ways, and I won’t use their phones, but, meh, it’s not like it would kill anyone to set a few appearance preferences.


Sorry for your loss lady. Shit happens.

If Apple took the time to waterproof their hardware and stop issuing stupid incremental updates that slow-to-a-crawl older models I might buy another Apple product.

Planned obsolescence is not good design. Neither is design philosophy that does not improve a users experience. Apple stopped doing the latter years ago.


There aren’t quite a million of those, so it’d be hard for me to point to a specific model. If you want to switch to Linux, Mint or Ubuntu would probably make your old Macbook seem new, especially if you dropped a really small amount of money on an SSD. If you want a new machine, ASUS machines seem pretty good in terms of price and performance. I’d stay away from cheaper machines. My wife used to do PC support, and the shelves and floor were full of gateway and dell and hp (the worse). There’d be a very few MacBooks sitting there, and this was on a uni campus where the students tended to want to flash the apple logo.

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