Apple v FBI isn't about security vs privacy; it's about America's security vs FBI surveillance

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I am also worried there are some locks that cannot be picked. What if bad guys had access to lock technology? They could do anything behind closed doors!


I would love to read the article but Wired is very anti-AdBlocker. It puts a cover over the article after a couple of seconds bitching about my AdBlocker and wanting me to either turn it off or give them money.


I can’t afford to donate because I am semi-disabled and living on a very small gov’t pension. And we have far too much advertising, targeted marketting, data mining, tracking and all going on. We are confronted with between 4,000 and 6,000 different ads ever fucking day!

If nothing else, AdBlocker gives me some sense of control.


On point!

The real issue is mainly being missed by most people. It’s not America’s security, it’s everyone’s security, and the precedent this is currently setting even if it fails in the US is that it will further embolden other countries to request companies to defeat security and encryption. The UK, China, South Korea and other major powers are all currently lobbying for increased and broad surveillance power, including weak encryption. However if the US government were successful in getting their wish you can hammer a nail in the coffin of privacy everywhere in the world. For example: What’s to stop China from booting Apple from the country if they refused to covertly or overtly put in a backdoor in their OS in the Chinese market?


I was reading a totally unrelated article on the site today and had the same experience. And even if you decide to whitelist or temporarily disable the adblocker on the site they display a SECOND popup covering your whole screen telling you thank you for whitelisting. I was seriously annoyed and i’m wondering if there’s a way to disable in-browser pop ups like that, i know there is but i don’t know what to look for :stuck_out_tongue:

the largest-ever synchronized vulnerability patching in Internet history

Bigger than Y2K? How soon we forget.

I’m fine with wired’s ads but I can’t read this article with EFF’s Privacy Badger running.

So sadly while protecting my privacy I can’t read this excellent article about protecting my privacy.


With Firefox using NoScript, which also helps considerably against malware attacks, the page comes up just fine. If you’re concerned about privacy and security, as you both clearly are, I suggest you give it a try.


I used to enjoy Wired now and then. However, at this point, they can go fuck themselves.

I’ll check out NoScript, thanks.

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Seconded. My browser has Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, and Noscript running. The page reads fine.


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