Apple wins anti-trust case over iPod music and DRM


Good god, this case was such a farce. Since the Apple didn’t sell CDs, by definition the song had to have been bought from a competing store. The ipods played the list of formats they were advertised to play; did they really expect that if another company came out with a proprietary encrypted format that Apple would be obligated to support that format? If they did, they would have had their pants sued off. They respected the DRM of other stores instead, and somehow that’s wrong? This case always stunk of “sue whoever has money”

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As a Linux user everything Apple does is a huge pain in the butt for me to use. I won a nano a couple of years ago and gave it about 30 minutes. Gave up put it in the box and gave it to my cousin who is a Apple fangirl.

As noted in the comments in the previous post about this, this is really about iPods not keeping songs from other online music services with DRM of their own, such as RealNetworks, that advertised their DRM schemes as being compatible with Apple’s. Updates to the iPod OS broke the faux-FairPlay DRM because Apple had no obligation to support it, and the onus is really on RealNetworks for that, but they’re not as super-filthy-rich as Apple, so guess who gets sued.

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