Apple's CEO: tech regulation is "inevitable"


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Annnnnnd Apple stock is dropping…


Yeah, you’re probably looking in the wrong place for that.

He only talks about privacy regulation because it’s a non-issue for Apple, and potentially an existential threat for some of their competitors.


You know what else is inevitable? Your Apple product being mass produced with engineered obsolescence for your personal enjoyment.


Well, not only. He also wants a seat at the table when legislators invite Big Tech behind closed doors to write the regulations for their own industry so lawmakers can rubber stamp regulatory capture. It’s happened innumerable times before and it’ll happen again.


My iphone is 4 years old, and I should get another 4 out of it with a $50 battery replacement. I’m writing this on a 5-year-old MBP which is still going strong. The one before that I had for 8 years and only replaced because it had a PPC processor and wasn’t getting software updates anymore.


So you’re going to just give up and let it go at that?


Oh come on, I think it’s fair to say things are legitimately different under the Trump administration.

I mean, you now actually need to literally bribe the President, in order to be invited to such councils!


It’s true – Apple is not the best brand to pinpoint when it comes to claims of “engineered obsolescence” when, as a tech company, they have made it pretty easy to continue to use their devices for many years – a fact taken advantage of by many of their users. Typing this on a 2012 first-gen 15" Retina MacBook Pro running 10.14.1.

I am a little peeved about my Airport Extreme going to way of the dodo in terms of ongoing support. My new Netgear AC3200-based Nighthawk WiFi router just arrived from Amazon today to replace it, in fact. Range on the Airport Extreme always left a bit to be desired. Anyway, you win some and lose some, sure. But all in all, Apple’s products do tend to last.


Well they’ve been trialling it in China and it works great there! Happy days!


Reign in those assumptions there. I’m pointing it out for a reason. Industry spin is engineered to sucker people into the myth of corporate altruism.


And I’m writing this on a 2009 Mac Mini. One gets really tired of this “planned obsolescence” bullshit meme.


On that we can agree. A great listen on this subject is this talk from Anand Giridharadas at Google in September of this year.


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