April 2014: warmest April on record


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I blame Russia for blowing all of that hot air about the Ukraine all month.


I wonder: is that cold blob over the upper Midwest and the warm blob in Siberia the lingering effect of this years unusually well traveled polar vortex?

Coldest Year On Record So Far In The US


Whadya mean “well traveled”? Doesn’t feel like the damned thing has left us yet.

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Yeah, but as we say in the west, “it’s a dry heat”.

Coldest Year On Record So Far In The US

Even if that was true, it’s called global climate change, not United States climate change.

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Yes, the US is immune to global temperature variation.

Yeah, it’s still cold in my fridge, so explain that, Mr so-called Climate Scientist! Ha!


Might want to check the dateline on that NYT link. 1989.

You want to base your argument on some 25 year old analysis? And since when did deniers believe the NYT? Last week it was the antichrist for reporting the Antarctic ice sheet news. Or maybe you just like to cherry pick some fragments from here and there to reinforce the narrative you have already constructed for yourself?


You realize that NYT article is from 1989, right?

Oddly enough you’ll find that quite a lot has happened in the world of climate science in the last quarter century.

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Oh yes…I’m very aware of the date. We now know that global warming started in 1990 and ended in 1997.

I know I certainly believe a guy with a wordpress site more than thousands of scientists and decades of research.

Thanks for opening my eyes!


NY Times uses Wordpress?

Here you go.

Do you also base your diet on state of the art 1980s science, and eat lots of delicious and totally safe trans fats? Because, you know, obviously our bodies haven’t changed since 1989, so 80s science must still be correct.


The science was settled…in 1989. No further discussion allowed.

This again:

Also, your article was published: January 26th, 1989

Nice cherrypicking.

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You know, for your first post I assumed you were just pointing out the interesting comparison between the US and Global weather this year.

But now you look like you’re just astroturfing. But you do remind me of a classic Futurama line:

[quote]Leela: “Look, I know there are no car chases, but this is important. One of these two men will become president of the world.”
Fry: “What do we care? We live in the United States.”
Leela: “The United States is part of the world.”
Fry: “Wow, I have been gone a long time.”[/quote]


Astroturfing definition:

“Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization”

I’m just an uncompensated guy on the Internet. But even if I were "astroturfing’, it would be completely irrelevant. Facts stand on their own.

Nice try though.

Your first worthless link was to some dude with a blog. Your second worthless link was to a 25 year old cherry picked article from the NYT.

Keep them coming, you are doing a great job of representing climate change deniers.

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