April Ryan asks Sarah Huckabee-Sanders if the White House thinks slavery is wrong


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/01/april-ryan-asks-sarah-huckabee.html


At first glance this can seem like an obnoxious, pointless question, but remember: There are lots of right wingers who actually say things like African Americans were better off under slavery.

It would be good to know if the idiot in the white house thinks that or not.


I think we already know the answer.


So there it is: It’s not just laissez-faire incompetence, but actual malignancy.

Good to know.


She makes me yearn for the return of Spicy.


I wish the clip started a little sooner. Was the question asked before the clip started? It seems like the question wasn’t asked until it became apparent that Huckabee-Sanders was done answering questions.


Spicer was just the bland, know-nothing mask concealing this, and more.


Sure but I enjoyed his rages over his patent lies.


Frankly, I don’t see what Sanders had to lose if she answered with “Of course not” to the question, and then walked off; the WH had already given the nod and a wink to the more extreme part of their base, and continues to.


and it very much IS a smirk. She quoted her boss, directly.


“Well, it’s not wrong from a purely cost/benefit analysis, only in terms of morals. . . does that answer your question?”


That Politico article contains so many head-shaking quotes I had to schedule an appointment with my chiropractor immediately after reading it.


I’m curious: have any conservative pundits described the “compromise” that would have averted the Civil War, but also ended slavery? Because that wouldn’t be a compromise, by definition.

Her talk of “various compromises” is completely vague.


I might be wrong - but I think they meant that white people should have compromised by agreeing to take over as slaves for half of them.


Speaking as an atheist, Jesus Fucking Wept. If you think that pausing, humming & hawing or not answering a question like this is acceptable well you need to work on that human impersonation a bit more…


The answer or lack thereof doesn’t matter. The fact that we have gotten to the point where this question is even close to being worth asking says enough about how rotten the occupant of the WH is.


Well, more than the ethical/moral cost, slavery is also not economical because over time, the only people employed are slaves, but very few citizens can afford a productive slave; this concentrates wealth rapidly and quite dangerously.
Slaves also produce no science or art for society or the state, and as the slave population grows, society sees less imaginative work produced, falling behind their sane national neighbors in just about every field, except in having an excess of raw labor power.


No, it wasn’t, and even though it’s fun to pile on the administration, this time I’m not buying it. She probably couldn’t even hear the question in all that rhubarb. I know i had a hard time.

However, it will be fun if this forces the administration to state for the record that slavery is wrong. Next up: post-natal abortion - right or wrong?


Dear Republicans: Ending slavery is literally the greatest accomplishment in the history of your party. Why in the name of all that is good on this Earth would you choose to rewrite history to make the first and greatest Republican President look WORSE instead of BETTER?


tRump puts an idiot out front to make himself look smarter. BTW: it ain’t working.