Arabic version of Sega's early-1990s logo


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Modern Standard Arabic lacks a hard “g” sound, but some colloquial dialects (such as Egyptian Arabic, if I recall correctly) pronounce that same letter as a hard “g” rather than “j”.


“Seja” sounds sexier, any-dang-how.


Written arabic is beautiful.

(Alas, spoken arabic is phlegmy)


Then you should like Persian.


The Hebrew looks kinda like MAD.


Hebrew and Arabic are both right to left languages.

What you see as an “M” there is het ה which is on it own an “h” sound at the end of a word. The designer did a very strange thing by using three lines for the outer shape and two lines for the vertical inner shape only for this one character.

In plain text its סגה which is as close to an identical transliteration as you are gonna get.


Of course I wasn’t suggesting that’s what it actually spelled or sounded like. It was just one of those things that looks like another thing.


It happens. The human brain really wants to see patterns that match.


We are great at pattern recognition. Not so great on what they mean sometimes…


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