Archeologists excavate hippie commune's record collection


That’s very funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee.

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Are we actually surprised? What a shame that only 50 years is enough to reduce a vast and vibrant subculture to a single narrow stereotype.


I would think that the open-mindedness of the time would allow for limitless tastes rather than being boxed in a particular genre.

This culture was know to make potato-chip bowls out of melted records, or to fling them against walls while high on “pot”. Perhaps this was a cache being preserved for use in these rituals.


Couldn’t you just track down any still living members of the commune and ask them what they listened to?


Burned and buried? Looks to me these are the records that they didn’t listen to. Maybe archeologists and communes listen to music differently than I do.

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Maybe these weren’t their favorite albums, just the ones they burned and buried.

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stereotypes hurt.

Are you trying to tell me that every single drug ever taken has not been consumed to the soundtrack of Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower?


I told you I’d shoot!

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They were probably buried for ritual purposes.

What an archaeologist says when they have no idea.


Well if’n you ain’t the mother and father of all liars!


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