Archer as Magnum P.I


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So pumped for this season to start!



The uploader is a douche and has not made this video available in your country.

Edit: I’m guessing it’s this:


What a tease! I am wondering why the season was delayed three months from its much-publicized January start date.



I was just re-watching season 4 last night. Can’t wait for 7.


I’m just wondering when Archer volume 6 will get released to Prime. Americans volume 3, too.


Kazak was big enough to be both Zeus and Apollo:


10 points for the origin of that name!


Vonnegut, of course.


Kazak rules. And he needs more kufta.


Of course they would. They once lifted an entire ending to a Magnum episode arc just for the fun of it. I went and watched the Magnum ones just on the basis of the Archer allusion. It was a good 3 episodes!


Not after the mess he left in the car!


10 points to you, Sir or Madam.


Right, why would you region-block what’s essentially an advertisement?


Being utterly clueless about Magnum PI, I had to watch its intro.

Not many women starred in that show.


Thankyou and that was awesome!!!



Cyril would make a damn fine Higgins.