Happy Pi Day


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“I have not seen the new show yet, but a friend tells me it is great.”

Get a new friend, this reboot stinks.


It’s Pi-day, Pi-day

Gotta get down on Pi-day…

Hee hee hee, now you’re stuck with it. Just like me…



opinions vary.

I think while certainly not as good as the original, it is a decent reboot and is enjoyable to watch.


I gave you a heart, because you a terrible, terrible person. :smirk:


Both the Hawaii reboots are very different from the originals, Hawaii Five-O & Magnum P.I.

Five-O I got used to and learned to like. It’s nowhere near as dark as the original (heinous crimes), but it’s good.

Magnum I’ve only seen one episode so I don’t have much of an opinion. I’ll give it a chance.


I think your friend is being irrational.


ok, I’m definitely getting old and slow. That took me about 30 seconds too long to register. :slight_smile:


Mike Post FTW :raised_hands:


The March Pi day is uniquely American. A friend has pointed out to me that in the UK, Pi day is 22/7 (22nd July).


It’s all in the conversion rates.


The original Magnum PI is a wonderful sacred thing and I refuse to even admit that the reboot exists. I’d explain more but I have to go yell at some kids to get off my lawn.





It should just be on the 31st of April :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You were not alone. Took me a while, too.


I wouldn’t be a fan (owning dvd sets of every season) if I didn’t say, “Actually, it’s Private INVESTIGATOR”.

(see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Magnum#Private_investigator)


The new Magnum PI has charming actors, the location, TC’s helicopter (when it isn’t CG), and mostly Magnum PI style plots (occasionally they are way too big, taking down Bin Laden-level terrorists or whatever). I think it was a mistake making Higgins a woman - they could have changed Rick or TC (although the new Rick is very Rickish).

But the worst change is that they made the new crew winners instead of losers. Old Magnum was a bum, forever trading in on a single good deed. Old Rick and TC, they were struggling. TC had time to help Magnum because he didn’t have customers. Rick had connections because he worked with petty criminals when he tried (and failed) to keep his own place afloat. They were hanging onto the past, dealing with crooks hanging onto the past all in a new land where they could have remade themselves, but failed to try. There was melancholy there. Something about the human condition. Maybe it’s the difference between how we saw veterans of Vietnam and now see veterans of Afghanistan. Maybe society has stratified much more, and we don’t have those struggling stragglers attaching themselves to rich people as much. It’s not that the new show is bad (I watch it, and I like it), but it’s the trappings of Magnum, not its essence.