Vi Hart's updated poop-on-Pi video


Oh! Math Snob!

This video has no delicious pastry, so I’m indifferent.

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The original one does. I enjoyed pie and ice cream today, so what?

Don’t forget Wau.

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having fun with Pi is a gateway drug to a deeper understanding of math and engineering. the comedy is spot on, but i am personally going to enjoy 3.14.2014 because i think it leads directly to things like this. which is a good thing :slight_smile:

Well, Vi. Or should I say… “6?” I still like pi anyway. So there.

i named my first born Seven, in honour of George Costanza.

I share her irritation completely. (union of sets? whatever!) Confusing arithmetic for all of mathematics, that’s my takeaway message here. I wonder if the romans were as hung up on their numbering system as we are on the rational numbers?

(honestly, just take the unicode symbols for Euler’s equation, and count the bytes. There’s your pi to completion right there.)

Well, Pi never!

If I had a horse, I´d name it Prickly Pete.

How exactly is she charming?

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You made your first post to say that? Glad you think she is so un-charming that you took the time to register an account. Why be an ass?

She’s going off about a bunch of completely subjective characteristics of pi that folks for one reason or another seem to like. She’s just making a bunch of noise, being contrary about pi to garner views. So, no, that’s not exactly charming.

let’s assume for a second that you aren’t trolling.
the answer might be “eye of the beholder”
which might also be one of the answers to the question: “how is she not charming?”

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