Vi Hart Pi Day rant 2016: best one yet


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I’m in love.


That was hilarious ( the production values and doodles keep getting better).

But I shall still enjoy pi day, likely with pie.


It was much better in 1592.


But it was more difficult to watch because the internet was so damn slow back then.


I am not allowed to not serve pie on Pi Day. Be careful what you wish for, if what you wish for is daughters who are nerds (like their mother).



Why do you hate parchment? Why?

My God! I just realized! Last night I made this year’s first key lime pie! Just coincidence?


st world problems.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now I gotta bake a pie today.

RatGirl mentioned at breakfast that it was Pi Day. Her younger bothers [typo but it stays] heard that and started chanting “Pie Day!” “Pie Day!” So Pie Day it shall be.

Thanks a lot, calendar!


Pi day my behind, today is 14.03.2016, no pies there :slight_smile:


It is, canonically and only, 2016-03-14 thank you very much.

We can perhaps give the Germans a pass on using a . as the separator, if they were born before about 1980.


Not a mathematician but she’s saying tau is superior to pi? Is that true? Do people actually feel sentimental about irrational numbers to the point that they cling to them when a superior alternative exists?

I don’t get people.


The only negative thing about pi day is its continued validation of the ridiculous m/d/y date format. 22/7 FT(approximate)W.


22/7, approximate PI day - for pasties and other near pies.


I was speaking with one of my professors about this just this morning. (He was, of course, wearing a Pi Day t-shirt.) We both acknowledged that any excuse to eat pie (pumpkin, in this case) was a good one, but still decried the American date format. (Personally, I refuse to use it. I prefer the format which @dragonfrog mentioned for my file system, but 14-MAR-2016 for day to day purposes. Either of these formats are at least a logical progression.)


They were giving away pie on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley today. I was tempted to ask if they’d seen episode 3 of Better Call Saul, season 2. You will never think of pie in the same way, ever again.


Huh. Seemed like a fair amount of (fake) outrage about nuthin’. I mean, yeah, this year’s date is a better approximation, but every nerd I spoke to last year that was all in a pie-bakin’ tizzy also made note of the time of day, and loved to point out that they celebrated 3/14/15 at 9:26:54 AM.

So there.


Because using 24 hour clock adds an erronious zero.
Edit spelling of xlock fixed.


I’m going to go on a rant someday about German separators!