Eggbot design: Pi Egg for Pi Day


Next year’s pi day will be extra special: 3/14/15


(it will not be Pi Day in the rest of the world until the Martian Emperor subjugates us all to his sinister 14-month calendar)

Save Belize, apparently:


The rest of the world celebrates Pi Day in July: 22/7.


CORY! Get with the ISO standard! The whole m/d/y and d/m/y conventions are both terminally confusing. the best convention is YYYY-MM-DD… and then it’s Pi day for everybody on 03-14.


Don’t get Vi Hart started…

I prefer to celebrate tau day. The weather’s usually better, and I eat twice the pi.


Why do you want to put the number that changes least often at the front of the line? Life’s too short to read all the way through to the end of all that. Why do you think God invented Twitter?

It is also Einstein’s 135th birthday.

Just so you know.


cool in that map Canada has annexed Antarctica.

Also, Canada doesn’t give a f*** about date formats.

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the best convention is YYYY-MM-DD
Yes. that is nice because it sorts well, but I’m not sure making things easy for computers is really a long-term solution. And I say this as somebody who still occasionally finds himself writing Graffiti glyphs on paper from my Palm Pilot years…

shh somehow that is how we are secretly taking over the world

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Some of us will celebrate Pi day on the 22nd of July.

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