This tongue-in-cheek British PSA encourages Americans to vote for Trump


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Hated again?


Shakes fist!

Reasons to hate America, not counting Sara Palin and Donald Trump:

  1. the way they number dates. Either put the day before the month like the rest of the world, or go full ISO 8601;
  2. …?


We maintain the dumb inside-out date format only as one way to identify plebs. It’s like putting a salad fork on the table even when you’re not serving any salad. Some doofus will poke at his oysters with it.


Here, lemme help you…

  1. Gallons? Inches? WTF? SI units please, it’s 2016 for god’s sake!
  2. George W. Bush.
  3. Anything going on in the Middle East.
  4. The War on Drugs.
  5. Jesus Fuck, Silicon Valley giants, pay some goddamn taxes in Europe, will you?


Was initially puzzled by the guy shouting “Europe, we’re sorry!” upriver, but he’s actually facing South on that bridge, so it works. Them clever Brits, eh.


Add “Standard” size paper to the list. Not a good combination with a laser printer.

America is like a big jolly dragon with a swishy tail. Usually well intentioned, but unaware of the damage it’s causing behind itself.

Brexit UK has been described as like a bumblebee that doesn’t understand how windows work.


I feel weird saying this, but we’re not going to look that bad because Trump is incredibly unpopular right now. It goes even deeper than that, because Trump was made a candidate through a process that engages a relative minority. He’s such a doofus is hard not to be horrified at the prospect of him being the president, but it’s late enough in the election season that it’s nigh impossible for him to recover.


remember the Bush presidency? it was a thing, back in the day.

  1. Daylight Saving Time
  2. ketchup on hotdogs


As someone who lived in Indiana before they adopted Daylight Savings Time, not having DST is really disorienting when the people in the surrounding states all have it.


Exactly! Just think how much trouble could have been saved if no one had ever dreamt it up.


and who is to blame? ze Germans

Starting on April 30, 1916, the German Empire were the first to use DST.


I never knew that! I had thought Ben Franklin originated and championed DST. At least it’s one thing we can’t blame the States for.


iirc Franklin proposed it first but the real-world implementation was done in Germany


I refuse to believe that Hoosiers are the sane ones.


After a bit of Wikipeding it seems we can’t even give that to Franklin; it was a Kiwi entomologist named George Hudson. Today I learned!


Serious question. When speaking in English, do people in other countries not say “October 10, 2016”? That’s what the American order is modelling.


10th of October, 2016.

but I try to avoid saying dates. too often I use a literal translation and “10th 10th 2016” is not parsable for anyone outside of the German-speaking countries : )


“We’ve enjoyed looking down on you for…always.”