Reviving the GWB-era American Apology shirt for the Trump era


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To be honest, I’d rather have eight more years of Bush than a day of Trump and those are words I never thought I would ever have to say. To paraphrase John Oliver, “Look up there. See that? That was rock bottom.”


Interesting. When I was travelling overseas during the Bush years, Americans just claimed to be from Canada.


I expect herr drumpf supporters will come at this from the other direction…


I already moved to Canada during Bush II. What else is left for me?


Start your own country!


Yeah, Bush was an idiot, but compared to Trump, he was a fucking Rhodes scholar. And although GW’s grasp of the facts was abysmal, at least he actually had a grasp of the facts. And sure, his administration was staffed by reactionaries who oversaw the massive destruction of civil liberties and the creation of the modern surveillance state, and they had huge conflicts of interest that saw foreign countries get destroyed to feed corporations to which they had ties. But at least the administration wasn’t full of overt white-supremacist reactionaries, they didn’t go into office promising to destroy civil liberties, they didn’t have the full array of surveillance tools currently available - nor promise to use them for petty acts of personal revenge that would make Nixon look like a straight arrow - and frankly we’ll be lucky if only foreign countries are looted to benefit the corporations to which Trump has financial ties. GW may have been an evil puppet, but he didn’t rise to the level of “Horror Clown.”


I’d take GWB over Captain Pussygrab any day of the week. I saw last week that he and Laura recently adopted a dog from a shelter. That gets a thumbs up from me.


It’s not well known, but he also created a program that averted millions of deaths from AIDS in Africa. I highly doubt Trump has anything comparable on his agenda.


When I was travelling internationally in the Bush years, I was always amazed that everyone just got it that the person running the country does not represent the people. It’s easy to complain but most people in most countries live with unrepresentative leaders all the time.


This design is for a women’s t-shirt. Men would have to place a small sticker on it or face ridicule.


This is why I’ve never been a big fan of the shirt. People just accept it that Bush or Trump doesn’t represent all Americans, just like Putin didn’t represent all Russians and Erdoğan doesn’t represent all Turks. The shirt calls attention to the fact that Trump is president while making the wearer look smug.


Although I did feel the need to apologize for Bush, my reaction to Trump is that I feel like I’m the one who needs sympathy.

In an unscientific survey during a recent trip, citizens of other countries are indeed sympathetic.


The shirt calls attention to the fact that the wearer is American.

I might rather wear this one.


I’ve been kind of wanting to make a shirt for myself that says
"Coastal Elite", which I feel expresses at least a little bit of self-deprecation to off-set the smugness…


We got enough spillover at the time from our alliance with the US that Australians started passing themselves off as New Zealanders.


While simultaneously pushing policies that aggravated the spread of HIV in Africa:


I caught heat in Canada during the Bush years.


that’s cultural appropriation. You didn’t see us putting on Nascar t-shirts while abroad during the Rob Ford years.


I saw an American scholar on Aussie TV the other day say that Trump is a bigger idiot than Reagan and is meaner than Nixon.