Former US President George W Bush still an embarrassing boob


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MrsTobinL showed that to me last night. Michelle does not look amused.


“Oh I love this song! Come on everybody! Man, why is everyone walking around like someone died.”


To be slightly fair, his actual comments during the event were decent.


I see this mostly as someone well-meaning but socially inept. You can tell he’s trying to do a quasi-marching motion, no doubt in his mind as a tribute to those in service to their country.

None of this contradicts the BB headline (which I agree with). Just adds some perspective to his aloofness.


We have one of “those” in our family, for Pete’s sake he is doocher.


This is one of those instances where a GIF preview would be entirely appropriate.


Looks high as a fucking kite.


Right! I was thinking the same thing, he’s rolling rolling gone.


I thought it was honest and goofy in a #daddance way. Say what you will; the guy had convictions (if little intelligence and poor advice on putting them to use).

Edited to fix youtube start time and to clarify, I was horrified and protested against his insane policies in the middle east; but as I attempted to demonstrate with the Hamilton bit; he was true to himself, whereas our current election is proving far more taxing on my patriotism and psyche.


I’m that guy.


He was standing there thinking “If the sniper is white I need to stand over here, but if the sniper is black I should stand closer to POTUS.”

Because he couldn’t figure it out (that’s why his eyes are open and he’s scanning the crowd during the prayer) he danced around nervously.


I’m sure Fox News will spend hours tonight breathlessly debating just how much Bush has demeaned the Office of the President with his antics.



I want you on my team.


He’s smiling just like that woman with the gasoline.




Wait until the next one.*


  • Trump 2016!


How’d Bush get ahold of Huggy Bear’s suit? It fits too.


I thought the man was a bad President, but damn…its a song that is intended to lift people. The whole idea of these things are to have an arc of mourning, celebrating the lives of those that are lost, and then moving forward.

I’m going to imagine most of us on this site are liberals…if we want to complain when Fox News reports a misstep, we shouldn’t be the same sorts of assholes on the other side.


Guilty as charged…